Erdogan meets with Putin

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Erdogan meets with Putin

The meeting focused on the Russia-Ukraine issue, according to the presidency.

President Erdogan stated that he always attaches great importance to the close dialogue with Russian President Putin on regional issues, that they see the positive consequences of this and that he is determined to maintain this understanding.

President Erdogan stated that they do not recognize the steps contrary to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is a principled position, and that it is important to reach a conclusion on the basis of the Minsk Agreements.

“Turkey is ready to do its part”

Emphasizing that making the problem more complicated, especially a military conflict, will not benefit anyone, President Erdogan said that with this understanding, they care about continuing diplomatic contacts and talks; He stated that Turkey is ready to do its part to reduce tensions and maintain peace, as it did yesterday.

Reiterating his call for this issue to be resolved through dialogue, President Erdogan said it is useful to promote diplomacy and that they continue to be constructive within NATO.

President Erdogan said he expects Russian President Putin to visit Turkey as soon as possible for the High-Level Cooperation Council Meeting, as agreed during his visit to Sochi in September.


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