Africa hurricane horror: At least 70 dead

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Africa hurricane horror: At least 70 dead

At least 48 people have been killed by flooding in Madagascar, the country first hit by the hurricane. On the island, 130,000 people have reportedly left their homes. Eleven people are reported to have died in Malawi. Power outages were caused by the hurricane, while some residential areas were declared disaster zones. The death toll in Mozambique has been put at 18. Mozambikli officials, however, said the floods affected at least 20,000 people, so the death toll could rise. The storm has destroyed 10,000 homes, as well as dozens of schools and hospitals. Heavy rains are still causing flooding in some areas. Some houses were completely destroyed.

Africa hurricane horror: At least 70 dead


Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario said they were ‘begging’ for help from anyone but had no power to deal with the scale of the devastation. “We have no major stake in climate change. But we are one of the countries that suffer the most from climate change.” The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said it would send teams to the country for 45,000 children in need. A national disaster has been declared in Malawi due to the damage caused by hurricane Ana.


Thousands of homes in the country have been left in the dark as floods weigh heavily on electricity infrastructure. Forehouses have been set up in the country for those forced to leave their homes and those injured.


A farmer named Roben Mphassa in the Chivava region said, “I planted 6 acres of corn, but the crops were flooded. I’ve seen natural disasters once in my life. But that was the most severe,” he said. In Madagascar, the hurricane began to take effect Monday.

In Antananarivo, schools and gymnasiums were converted into shelters. A man named Berthine Razafiarisoa, who took refuge in one of these centers with her family of 10, told the AFP news agency, “We have left everything behind. We were only able to take our most valuable possessions with us,” the authorities said in a statement, while authorities issued a new storm warning in the area. It is expected to hit countries in the region within days over the Indian Ocean.


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