It measures how long you can survive just by eating raw meat: Mincemeat has been my favorite dish

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It measures how long you can survive just by eating raw meat

A man living in the US has started measuring how long he can survive by eating raw meat every day with an account he opened on Instagram.

The man, who said he would ‘eat raw meat from a Whole Foods supermarket every day until he dies from bacteria’, explained his goal in doing the experiment as ‘to see if I will live for 5 days or 500 years’.

The man, who has not been named and has also opened his Instagram account as a ‘Raw meat experiment’, is sharing his images from November 22, 2021.

The man, who is on the 76th day of his experiment, said he ate all kinds of raw meat, from bacon to raw fish and chicken breast, and posted this note:
“Day 76 – shredded cow’s meat and sheep’s milk. Minced meat has become my favorite dish due to its low cost, consuming a kilo in as little as 4 minutes, 800 calories of cow and excellent ease of digestion.”

The man who posted the posts explained that he had previously ‘consumed mostly vegetables’ and began to have health problems, so he started working on nutrition and became addicted to meat to improve himself.

“When I started eating steak and eggs instead of bagels and smoothies for breakfast, I felt full for most of the day and instead of feeling dizzy from carb bumps, my pain started to subside,” he said.


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