Interesting news from around the world: Weird weather warning in Florida It may rain iguanas from the sky

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Weird weather warning in Florida: It may rain iguanas from the sky

Interesting news from around the world. One of them happened in the U.S. state of Florida. The news was a bizarre weather warning in Florida. News that iguanas may fall from the sky…

Authorities have issued an unusual weather warning following numerous reports of reptiles falling from the sky in Florida. Iguanas who like to sleep in trees could fall on humans, officials have warned.

Weird weather warning in Florida: It may rain iguanas from the sky

An unusual warning has come from weather experts as temperatures drop in the US state of Florida. Experts have warned Florida residents that iguanas who like to sleep in trees can fall on humans. Iguanas, who sleep in trees in warm climates but freeze their bodies as the weather cools, therefore fall from the branches they hold on to.

The cold-stunned reptiles were able to recover quickly even if they fell, officials said, so locals were asked to leave the iguanas they encountered in their natural habitat.


Weather presenter Vivian Gonzalez tweeted to warn people to be careful:

“We’ve temporarily entered the IGUANA wave. Temperatures across Broward and Miami-Dade will generally hover in the 40s. Iguanas that slow down or become immobile when the temperature drops can fall from trees, but they are not dead. Don’t come near them. When the sun comes up, they’ll move again.”

Emily Maple of the Palm Beach Zoo explained the unusual natural phenomenon last year:

“They’re stuck in a tin man’s place. They can’t move. They slow down their breathing due to the cold weather and in some cases fall from trees.”

Experts say iguanas are developing adaptability to survive cold weather.

Steve Kavashansky, who calls himself an ‘iguana hunter’, says iguanas are getting more and more accustomed to the cold weather.

“Iguanas are definitely getting used to the climate and colder weather – unlike South Floridans like us! You wouldn’t have seen anything like this a few years ago. For iguanas to die of cold, temperatures must pass at 30 degrees for a few days.”


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