Which one is more suitable for you? Wired and wireless mouse difference

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Which one is more suitable for you? Wired and wireless mouse difference

Which one is more suitable for you? Wired and wireless mouse difference

Before explaining the difference between a wired and wireless mouse, it should be underlined that this is a matter of personal preference. While they both have strong advocates, there are situations where their use is advantageous. In our wired – wireless mouse comparison article, let’s consider the arguments of these two fronts in terms of the use of the mouse.

Which one is more suitable for you? Wired and wireless mouse differenceSpeed

Wireless devices are generally slower than wired devices because they transmit information wirelessly, which introduces a delay time. This lag time is especially important for gamers.

A gamer might prefer a wired mouse over a wireless mouse because the latency is near zero. In addition, wireless devices may be affected by interference from surrounding frequencies, which may interrupt mouse movements or disable the mouse until this issue is resolved. However, this is very rare, you probably won’t have this problem for the rest of your life when using a wireless mouse, as long as there are no obstacles between the mouse and its receiver.


Wireless mice allow easy portability. They take up less space both in the bag and on the desk, and because they have no cables, they don’t cause a mess. Wireless devices work at a distance, but that’s more than several times the cable of any mouse, so you don’t have to be close to the computer. In this sense, the number of devices you can use also increases. For example, you can use a wireless mouse with a TV, tablet, or even a phone.

In addition, thanks to the multi-device support of the new generation wireless mice, you can connect to more than one device without installing a receiver and switch between devices with the touch of a button. This provides great comfort to those who use devices such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets and TVs at the same time.

Wired mice do not have to worry about running out of batteries, as they take energy from the computer. Wireless mice, on the other hand, can be used with a cable or by charging them with their own charging stations. Even though some models can now be used for months on a single charge, if you do not charge them periodically, you may be without a mouse for a short time. Also, if it has a charging station or cradle, it will also take up space on your desk. On the other hand, the possibility of losing the receiver can be annoying as some wireless mouse models do not have a slot to put the receiver.

Wired and wireless mouse difference Which one is more suitable for you?

One advantage of wireless mice is their versatility. Devices of the same brand working with a single receiver provide a significant advantage in this regard. Using a single receiver for devices from a single manufacturer such as keyboard, mouse, headset also saves sockets.


Although wired mice continue to be preferred for games, you can choose a wireless device if you are playing games where instant actions are not important. If you are going to buy a wireless mouse, I recommend you to check how many devices it supports, whether it requires a receiver, the number of keys and additional features supported by its software, its resolution.


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