Netanyahu says it ‘important’ to congratulate Biden amid Trump’s criticism

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Netanyahu says it ‘important’ to congratulate Biden amid Trump’s criticism

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the “two-country alliance is important” amid criticism from former President Donald Trump for being the first to congratulate US President Joe Biden, who took office last year’s presidential election.

Barak Ravid, the reporter of the US-based broadcaster Axios, responded to the accusation of “infidelity” by the former President against Netanyahu, who was the first to congratulate Joe Biden after the election last year, in the part published from the interview with Trump in his soon-to-be-released book.

According to another news of Axios on the subject, Netanyahu, in his response to Trump’s allegations, said, “I appreciate President Trump’s great contributions to Israel and its security. Likewise, I value the strong alliance between Israel and the United States.” It was important for me to congratulate the president who took office.” used the phrases.

Trump used the nickname “Bibi” for Netanyahu in the interview, saying, “I love Bibi, but I also love loyalty. The first person to congratulate Biden was Bibi, for doing things I wouldn’t have done for anyone. She could have kept quiet, but she made a terrible mistake.” had commented.

Noting that during the hours when Netanyahu congratulated Biden, he still objected to the election and was shocked when his wife Melania showed him the news of congratulations, Trump said, “I have not spoken to him since that day.” and used expressions that insulted Netanyahu.

Pointing out that he took many steps in support of Netanyahu during his presidency, Trump reminded that he withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran, that the US moved the Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, and that he recognized Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights.


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