How To Avoid Sabotage The Relationship

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How To Avoid Sabotage The Relationship

Sigmund Freud said that every romantic emotional bond consists of two partners and their fears. As striking as it may seem from our point of view, this last-mentioned figure often has an unusual power. Therefore, if you want to learn how to avoid sabotaging a relationship, it is essential that you learn to identify these fears as they have important implications.

Loving a lot is not always synonymous with loving well and correctly. Some people do this desperately, to the point of jealousy, the need for constant attachment, and the trap of insecurity, to the point of almost harassing their partners with the demons within. Likewise, we all carry a history behind us, like a backpack that is quite heavy on our shoulders.

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Often times, breakups aren’t actually due to deception. With your own actions, fears, and lack of emotional resources, you can destroy what would become a great love.

How To Avoid Sabotage The Relationship

How to avoid sabotaging the relationship: Seven strategies

In 2001, an interesting study was conducted at Purdue University in Indiana. The goal was to find out which components predict commitment and success in a relationship. It was discovered that the stability of a couple depends on three factors: psychological attachment, the couple’s long-term orientation and common goals, and the intention of both partners to solve any problem and problem.

These factors can be decisive. However, beyond the intentions you may have for your relationship, there are psychological areas that can boycott your personality and, above all, love. For example, we are talking about fears, needs, defense mechanisms, and sometimes even a lack of maturity in understanding what it means to “couple”.

  1. Avoid expecting “everything” from your partner.
    Sometimes you want your partner to be the person responsible for taking all your fears away. Man or woman who solves every problem and satisfies, heals, relieves and solves every need. However, you should know that you cannot put the burden of your own healing on other people’s shoulders.

It is an enormous responsibility to want to heal and release all the emotional knots and unresolved past wounds in your partner. You can expect love, unconditional support and understanding from your partner, but you cannot expect them to meet every need.

2.Over-commitment and suffocating love

To avoid sabotaging your relationship, you must be aware of your attachment style. Sometimes low self-esteem leads to co-dependent relationships in which people form dysfunctional bonds. For example, there may be relationships where you tell yourself that your partner is your everything, that you are nothing without them, and that life only makes sense because of them.

Excessive attachment will not only drive you to extreme pain, but it will also overload you with obsessive worries such as fear of abandonment, betrayal, and unwanted.

3.Learn to communicate: your partner is not a fortune teller

Say if anything bothers you. If something worries, annoys or hurts you, don’t wait for the other person to guess. Learn to communicate confidently. This is a very common and problematic pattern in most relationships. People often expect their partners to notice certain things, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Learning to communicate confidently and effectively improves relationships and moves them forward.

4. Your partner is not always guilty

Do you think “he doesn’t understand me”? If you want to avoid boycotting your relationship, you should be aware that sometimes a problem is not the responsibility of one partner. In most cases, both parties are likely contributing to a particular problem.

For example, if you think your relationship has fallen into a monotonous situation, both parties will be responsible for it. You have to think about all these things you can play a role in without realizing it.

5.How to avoid sabotaging the relationship: Work on your self-esteem and self-esteem

There are two Trojans that can quickly destroy a relationship: Insecurity and low self-esteem. When the mind holds only fears and a negative self-image, you see threats around every corner. When you fear betrayal, you are afraid of not meeting your standards. Thus, the fear of abandonment prevails.

If you want to avoid sabotaging your relationship, you can work on these key psychological areas.

6. Don’t focus on flaws rather than virtues

There is a certain type of lens that can tarnish and blur the quality of any relationship. When you focus only on what your partner doesn’t have, what they haven’t done or what they’re doing wrong, i.e. you just pay attention to your partner’s flaws, flaws and weaknesses, you completely ruin the relationship. This also harms your partner.

Being in a relationship means recognizing our partner’s virtues as well as acknowledging their flaws. However, if you only see their flaws and magnify them, you will fall prey to negative thoughts and ailments.

7 .If you want to avoid sabotaging the relationship, don’t take it lightly.

How do you avoid sabotaging your relationship? There is a golden rule to keep in mind at all times: Don’t underestimate your partner’s love. Whatever you do, don’t assume that your partner will always be there for you. Don’t assume that just because your relationship is solid, you no longer have to make an effort.

Love that doesn’t care weakens. If you don’t nurture your relationship, it will slowly and quietly disappear. Don’t sabotage your relationship by letting you get caught up in carelessness and routine.

As a result, many factors can break an emotional bond. However, if you can participate in each of these areas in an authentic and determined way, everything will go smoother and you will have a happier relationship.


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