Rising continues in the markets

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Rising continues in the markets

Rising continues in the markets

As the ballot boxes opened in the US presidential elections, the hand turned to Joe Biden and the Asian and US futures indices were upward this morning, following the strong rises in Wall Street yesterday. S&P and Dow Jones futures are around 0.7 percent and Nasdaq futures up to 1.5 percent. Although no move is expected in global markets while watching the US elections, today the Fed and the Bank of England will announce their interest rate decisions. The Fed’s interest rate decision will arrive at 22:00, followed by Fed chair Powell holding a press conference.

Pluses over 1 percent in Asia

The MSCI index, which tracks the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges outside of Japan, rose by 1.3 percent, reaching the highest level it has seen since February 2018. Japan’s Nikkei index climbed 1.1 percent to the top of the last nine months, while South Korean stock markets rose 1.5 percent. China’s locomotive stock index rose 0.8 percent, gaining strength from the idea that the election of Biden could reduce the trade tensions with the White House.

The rise of USD / TL and euro / TL also continues

Domestic, weekly money bank data will be watched, as well as the US elections and global markets today. The dollar / TL, which fluctuated in a wide band yesterday, continues its upward movements this morning. Dollar / TL changes hands from 8.46-8.47 levels. There are movements over 9.96 in Euro / TL. Anadolu Efes, Enka İnşaat, MLP Sağlık, Ülker and Petkim are expected to announce their third quarter balance sheets on a quiet day of the data calendar.

Gold moves flat with US election news

Gold prices are moving sideways with the US election news. The ounce price of gold is trading at $ 1,907 levels. Experts expect the horizontal course to continue in the USA where the election results are not clear.


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