Windows Support from Parallels to Chrome OS

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Parallels to Chrome OS
Parallels to Chrome OS

Parallels has agreed with Google to provide Windows application support to Chrome OSs. One of the biggest problems for Chrome OS was application support. Parallels software company will cooperate with Google to eliminate this problem. The initiative, which will begin this fall, will make Chrome OS even more attractive. Although detailed information has not been given yet, it has been announced that it will only be made for Chrome OS Enterprise, which is currently its corporate form. Although there are some question marks about whether it will be valid for everyone in the future, it does not seem impossible. Chrome OS will become even more available with Parallels support.

Parallels to Chrome OS

It was announced by Parallels that all full-featured applications of Windows, including Microsoft Office, will be provided for Chrome OSs. The partnership with Parallels and Google says this is an opportunity to avoid additional hardware costs. This development will make Chrome OS very useful for companies.

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What is Chrome OS?
Chrome OS is an operating system announced by Google in 2009. The distribution of laptops using the first Chrome OS operating system known as Chromebook was carried out by Samsung and Acer in July 2011. Google’s decision to Chrome OS was that this operating system would only be preinstalled on hardware sold by Google partners.

Chrome OS has a very minimal design and structure for users who do not like the crowded image on computers and favor simplicity. When we came to 2014, Chrome OS started to be used in the operating system of Android applications. This open source operating system can be used with Google production partners preinstalled. Thanks to the partnership with Parallels and Google, Windows applications are now coming to Chrome OS.

Parallels is a software company founded in 1999 and headquartered in Washington. One of the company’s most important achievements is the development of virtualization software for macOS. At the 2007 World Developers Conference in California, organized by Apple, Parallels announced the Parallels Server (software) developed for Mac. In this way, Apple and Parallels worked for many years. In 2013 and 2014, Parallels took Windows and Linux among the companies it worked with and established the Parallels Server.

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Parallels is an important company position preferred by large companies to cooperate with these achievements and initiatives. Parallels will add a new one to these successes with its Windows application support for Chrome OS.


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