Walnut jam recipe and How is it made?

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Walnut jam is a rather troublesome yet delicious jam made with green walnuts that have not yet matured in the summer. If you want to include this very special flavor on your table, try our recipe now. Below is the preparation of walnut jam, which you will be addicted to after you taste it. Bon Appetit…

Walnut jam recipe and How is it made? 1

  • Materials for making
    1 kilogram of green walnut
    1 cup lime cream
    1 kilogram of granulated sugar
    6 cups of water
    5 cloves of cloves
    1 tablespoon of lemon juice

How to make walnut jam recipe?
Put on a glove and peel the outer skin of the walnuts. (Have a glove every time you touch the walnuts.)

Place the walnuts in a large glass jar and fill it with drinking water.

After the walnuts are kept in this water for 2 days, filter and refresh their water 3 times a day for 1 week.

After 1 week, leave the walnuts in lime cream for 1 day.

Then, boil the walnuts you have rinsed for 20 minutes in cold water.

Drill the walnuts you take out of the water with a toothpick and pour the brackish water in them.

Prepare a sherbet with sugar, water and lemon juice.

Stir walnuts and cloves and continue boiling together.

When the syrup gets darker and gets closer to the consistency of jam, take the pot from the stove and leave it in the sun for 1 day under a clean cloth.

The next day, take the walnuts from the pot and boil the syrup again.

When the syrup is very dark, add the walnuts and let the jam cool.

Transfer the cooled jam to the jars and cover it tightly, and keep it in a cool place. Bon Appetit…


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