What music do we like to listen to on the Internet the most?

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With the change of our internet usage habits, the websites we use the most are also changing. In the era of the Corona epidemic, the websites we use the most were video movie and music channels.

Spotify, music

Spotify, music

So what music do we like to listen to most online?
Spotify announced that music lovers prefer to listen to the most nostalgic songs during the pandemic period. What years of music do you listen to most? It is possible to discover which decade of music you listened to most between the 80s, 90s and 2000s with the “Your Decade’s microsite” that Spotify brought to life. How Does?
Spotify first analyzes the music that users listen to the most and reveals the ten years that the user has a special connection between the 80s, 90s and 2000s, along with the songs they listen to the most. Moreover, with a ten-year counter, it also displays the listening rates of users in three periods. Users can also share ‘Your Decade’ cards from their nostalgia journey through their Instagram accounts.

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Nostalgia of 2000s
Most users who listen to their Spotify invite you to discover ten years ten years as Turkey’s most listened to, and in the meantime also announced statistics. According to data, the music of more than 60 percent of Turkey’s most listened to that decade, the 2000s. Moreover 2000s, both in seven geographical regions in Turkey as the most listened by all age groups decade emerges. Criminal Sagopa Kajmer in Turkey and the duet ‘What am There Ki’ 2000 list of the most listened to the first row as the song is located. TOP 5 Spotify playlists in Turkey in 2000 and 2000, below you can see the most listened music genre in Turkey:

TOP 5 Songs of the 2000s:
Criminal / What Am I (feat. Sagopa K)
purple and beyond / I have a problem
Pinhani / How Beautiful You Laughed
maNga / Unanswered Questions
purple and beyond / I cannot be happier
Most Streamed Music Genres of 2000s:

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90s Follow 2000s

nostalgic fondness for music lovers, with 90 continuing on after 2000 in Turkey. The 80’s rank last among these three decades. In the ’90s, Heavenly Colors Kurşuni settling the peak of the song list 90 in Turkey. You can see Turkey’s Spotify’daki90′ TOP 5 song list below:

90’s TOP 5 Songs:
Celestial / Bullet Colors
Ahmet Kaya / Like Sand
Athena / From You, From Me, From Us
Yaşar / Kumralim
Mehmet Güreli / Nobody Knows
Müslüm Gürses on the top in the 80s!

Turkey in 2000, and also lagged behind the mention of nostalgia than 90 in Turkey Muslum Gurses is marked this decade. You can see Turkey’s Spotify’daki80′ TOP 5 song list below:

80’s TOP 5 Songs:
Müslüm Gürses / I Can’t Forget – How Many Glasses Are Broken
Ahmet Kaya, Selda Bağcan / I am in such a place
Sezen Aksu / We will be exhausted
Müslüm Gürses / I wrote you
Ahmet Kaya / Hani My Youth

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