Would opposition parties in Turkey be victims?

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Would opposition parties in Turkey be victims?

I am more or less aware that an opposing attitude will be developed as to why I asked this question. In fact, the organizational power of ideologically years in Turkey, their political movement holds-that is mostly power in the state failing pains always with some militaristic organization counter- to existing power, establishing relations with the junta to seize power or manipulate possible legitimacy of field types to override way by propaganda expenses.

Hasan Cemal described what happened in parliament today as a coup from his corner on T24 site. And with large fonts “in PARLIAMENT IMPACT THERE!” He had commanded. Hasan Cemal loves the coup chat and always prefers the anti-coup appearance. He does, but for some reason he always poses next to the coup plotters. For example; In his book, he describes his position in the 60 coup attempt as follows:

Well, we cannot get it without asking the question: What kind of ideological structure do the political structures represented by this 40% mass? What is the relationship between politics and ideology coup history, militarist organizations that say it represents this 40% mass? Who have set out to threaten and threaten the state, society and the country by establishing juntas and cooperating with soldiers or terrorist organizations? Who have always been portrayed in anti-democratic processes.

I wish Hasan Cemal; Why is it not always asked that the coup plotters pose in the same corner at the end of the evening while saying “democracy is democracy”?


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