Trump’s cocaine outburst: “Biden was high”

Making baseless accusations against the US President, Republicans demand drug tests before the two candidates debate

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Donald Trump made the shocking claim that US President Joe Biden was under the influence of drugs during his State of the Union address last month, which was broadcast across the country, without providing any evidence to substantiate it.

The Republican presidential candidate, who will face his successor in November in a rematch of the 2020 election race, made the offhand comment about the president’s performance in his March 7 speech on conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt’s show on Thursday.

Asked by Hewitt about his possible opponent, Trump said:

I think what happened, you know, that white thing that they found by chance, cocaine in the White House, I don’t know, I think something is going on there.

I watched his State of the Union address and he was full of energy at the beginning. And then at the end, it was fading fast. Something’s going on there.

I want to debate. And I think at least the debates with him should be drug tested. I want a drug test.

When pressed by the host about whether Biden had implied that he had used cocaine, Trump responded

I don’t know what he was using, but he wasn’t normally like this, hey, he was flying.

But he’s obviously getting help somehow, because he seems to fall asleep most of the time. All of a sudden he just went out there and did a bad job. But he was full of energy.

Ammar Moussa, the President’s Emergency Response Director, previously told Forbes that Trump’s remarks were “a very strange outburst”

The spokesperson urged American voters to “pay more attention to Trump’s promise to deport millions of people and rip children from their families, and his insane obsession with lying about the last election he lost and undermining our democracy.”

He also argued that Trump’s campaign “has deteriorated as the candidate’s toxic agenda continues to lose him voters.”

Both rivals do not hesitate to accuse each other of being too old and confused to run again. Trump, 77, argues that Biden, 81, has struggled with old age and physical weakness and has organized many lawsuits against him.

But with an energetic performance in the State of the Union address, in which he argued that his age was an asset, not a disadvantage, sparred with Republicans in the audience, and delivered a scathing critique of Trump’s record, the President went a long way towards defusing the caricature of “Sleepy Joe” and the suggestion that his best days were behind him.

In contrast, Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s overly emotional speech from her kitchen table to rebut the allegations in the State of the Union on behalf of Republicans was widely mocked on social media, and Britt was forced to retract the veracity of an anecdote.


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