Trump warns Israel to end attacks on Gaza

Former US President Donald Trump said on his radio program that Israel's attacks on Gaza should "end it (the attacks on Gaza) as soon as possible" and that the Tel Aviv administration has suffered a great loss in public relations.

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In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump criticized Israel’s attacks on Gaza since October 7 and the policies of US President Joe Biden.

Warning the Israeli government, Trump said, “What I’m saying very clearly is, let’s put this (attacks) aside, let’s get back to peace, and let’s stop killing people,” emphasizing the need to end the attacks on Gaza.

The former US President also reacted to the Israeli army’s sharing of footage of buildings destroyed in the attacks, saying, “The other thing I hate is that they are constantly broadcasting tapes. Every night they release a tape of a building being demolished. They shouldn’t be releasing tapes like that. That’s why they are losing the PR war. Israel is definitely losing the PR war.”

Noting that the attacks on Gaza should “end as soon as possible” and “return to peace”, Trump said, “I will say that Israel has to be very careful, because you are losing a big part of the world. You are losing a lot of support.”

Criticized Biden’s security policies

In the radio program he participated in, Trump attacked US President Biden about the presidential elections to be held on November 5 and said, “The whole world is blowing up because of this stupid president we have.”

“The ten worst presidents in history could not have done the damage this man has done to our country. The fact that he has allowed probably 15 million people to come across the border so far, and probably many more to come, is insane. What he has done to our country in three and a half years is unbelievable.”

Donald Trump, upon Hewitt’s reminder that too many Chinese are coming across the Mexican border, said

“They are probably building an army from within. I mean, you look at what’s going on because most of these are very healthy young men. And the ones that are coming in right now are over 30,000. That’s a lot of people. It’s over 30 thousand. I see their pictures, they are young and healthy.”


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