Volkswagen’s Technological Emblem that Keeps Animals Off the Road

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Volkswagen's Technological Emblem that Keeps Animals Off the Road

Volkswagen has developed a new vehicle emblem called the “RooBadge”. This emblem is used to keep kangaroos off the road when they jump onto Australian roads. Companies will be able to use the Volkswagen RooBadge.

German automobile giant Volkswagen has made a move that potentially concerns us all. The company has designed an extremely special emblem, which it calls “RooBadge”. Designed for use in Australia for now, this special badge is designed to scare away kangaroos on the road. Yes, you are not wrong, with this emblem to be placed on vehicles, animal-related traffic accidents will be prevented.

The Volkswagen RooBadge was designed in partnership with scientists at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The emblem, which has a special system inside, emits sound waves to make kangaroos run away from the road. Moreover, Volkswagen is not only developing this technology for itself. Companies will also be able to benefit from this technology and integrate RooBadge into their vehicles.

RooBadge is activated by the driver

Volkswagen's Technological Emblem that Keeps Animals Off the Road

The Volkswagen RooBadge can be controlled by the driver. In this context; the special emblem will not work continuously. The driver will activate the system via the infotainment screen. RooBadge, which starts to work, will ensure that the kangaroos move away from the road with the waves it emits. Of course, there is advanced technology here too. The company has also measured the density of kangaroos and the vehicle’s navigation system will automatically activate the service on roads with high kangaroo density.

RooBadge may look like a device for kangaroos, but its potential is much more than that. The company developed this special emblem in 3 years and may start using it for other animals in the future. If this happens, there could be a significant reduction in traffic accidents on Turkey’s roads due to animals such as dogs, cows and horses jumping on the road. However, it seems unlikely that all this will be realized in the short term.

A video showing how the Volkswagen RooBadge works:


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