Israeli war cabinet rejects Netanyahu’s ceasefire terms

Israel's war cabinet reportedly rejected Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's demand that Hamas "hand over the list of Israeli prisoners alive in Gaza and those to be released in the first round" in order to resume negotiations on a ceasefire and prisoner swap agreement in Gaza.

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According to Israeli state television KAN, the war cabinet rejected Netanyahu’s conditions for Hamas to resume negotiations.

The war cabinet objected to Netanyahu’s demand that Hamas “demand a list of Israeli prisoners alive in the Gaza Strip and which Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails will be released for every Israeli prisoner released in the first round.”

Emphasizing that Netanyahu’s demand “can be negotiated later in the talks rather than at the beginning, as has been the case in the past,” the Israeli war cabinet said that the demand for a list of which Palestinian prisoners will be released for each Israeli prisoner to be released complicates the talks at this stage.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has not yet made any statement on the issue.

According to Egyptian media, the first day of negotiations in Cairo between Egypt, the United States, Hamas and Qatar ended yesterday and will continue today.

According to Israeli and international media, the mediators aim to resolve the differences between the parties during this period.

Israel had announced that it would not send a delegation to Cairo on the grounds that Hamas had failed to meet its demand for a “list of Israeli prisoners to be released”.

The Kassam Brigades announced that the number of Israeli prisoners killed in the Israeli attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip exceeded 70. According to Israeli statements, there are a total of 136 Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip, some of whom are alive and some of whom have died.

According to US media reports based on official sources, it was stated that the Joe Biden administration and Israel had reached an agreement on the terms of a 6-week ceasefire, including the release of hostages, and that Hamas was waiting for a response.

Since October 7, 30,534 Palestinians, including at least 13,230 children and 8,860 women, have been killed and 71,920 people have been injured in Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

On November 24, 2023, 81 Israelis and 240 Palestinian prisoners were mutually released during the “humanitarian pause” in hostilities, which was granted for 4 days on November 24, 2023 and then extended for another 3 days. However, Israel continued to detain and imprison thousands of Palestinians.


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