Custom YouTube App for Apple Vision Pro: Juno

YouTube's absence on Vision Pro is over: Meet Juno!

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Custom YouTube App for Apple Vision Pro: Juno

Vision Pro, Apple’s first virtual reality headset introduced in June, went on sale yesterday. Although the performance of the mixed reality headset is a matter of curiosity, the lack of platforms such as YouTube and Netflix on the device draws attention.

Juno, a dedicated YouTube app for Vision Pro, is coming to fill this gap. The Vision Pro doesn’t have an official YouTube app because Google doesn’t allow it. But third-party developer Christian Selig has created a solution called Juno YouTube.

With a $4.99 price tag, Juno is available in the Apple Store and basically serves as an interface for accessing YouTube. Although it has an icon resembling the YouTube logo, it comes with a different design. The most striking feature of the application is that it offers the option to darken the area surrounding the video for a mixed reality experience. In this way, it is possible to create a virtual movie theater atmosphere.

Other features of Juno:

  • Watch videos in different sizes
  • Position videos in windows
  • Autoplay and background playback
  • Search and filtering options
  • Night mode
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Juno offers an important solution for Vision Pro users to access YouTube. Although it is not an official app, it manages to bring the YouTube experience to Vision Pro with its features and interface.

Juno’s developer, Christian Selig, says he plans to add new features in future versions of the app. These include options such as viewing 360-degree videos and VR control support.

For now, third-party apps like Juno seem to be the ideal way for Vision Pro users to access YouTube. It remains unclear when an official YouTube app will arrive.

Vision Pro technical specifications

Feature / Value
Price 3,499 dollars
Operating System: VisionOS
Chipset M2 and R1
Display Micro-OLED (23 million pixels, 90Hz, 96Hz, 100Hz)
Storage 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB
Camera 6.5MP Stereoscopic 3D camera, spatial video and still photography (18mm, f/2.0)
Sensors 2 main cameras, 6 tracking cameras, 4 eye-tracking cameras, TrueDepth camera, LiDAR scanner, 4 measurement units, flashing sensor, ambient light sensor
Authentication OpticID (iris-based)
Audio Spatial sound pods with dynamic head tracking, 6 microphone arrays
Wireless Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3
Battery 2 hours for general use, 2.5 hours for video playback
Weight 600 – 650 grams

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