Shock for AMD and Intel! Record growth from NVIDIA

NVIDIA, the giant of the semiconductor industry, increased its market capitalization at a record level in January. Here are the details...

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Shock for AMD and Intel! Record growth from NVIDIA

Competition in the semiconductor industry has recently gained momentum. Companies are taking important steps to leave their competitors behind and become stronger in the sector. One of these companies is NVIDIA. The company, which turned all eyes on itself, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, experienced a serious growth in January. Here is NVIDIA market capitalization…

Record increase for NVIDIA market cap!

With the end of the first month of 2024, the world’s biggest companies announced how much money they made and their current market capitalization. NVIDIA was also included among these companies. According to the data, the company realized a record increase.

According to reports, NVIDIA’s market capitalization increased by a record $296.52 billion in January. Thus, the company’s current market capitalization rose to approximately 1.52 trillion dollars. Before that, the company broke a record with $248.23 billion in May 2023.

NVIDIA announced new desktop GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) models last month. There were also important developments in artificial intelligence and software. These were very effective in breaking records in the company’s market capitalization increase.

NVIDIA ranks sixth in the ranking of the world’s most valuable companies. At the top is Microsoft with 2.95 trillion dollars, followed by Apple with 2.85 trillion dollars. Next on the list are Saudi Aramco with $1.97 trillion, Alphabet Inc (Google) with $1.76 trillion and Amazon with $1.60 trillion.


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