French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine!

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French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine!

The French and Russians are considered arch rivals. Russian political scientists do not see France as Russia’s ally in Eurasian geopolitics. In fact, it can be said that they feel closer to the Germans in this regard. In their view, Germany is the European pillar of Eurasian geopolitics.

Sandwiched between Britain, Italy, Spain and Prussia, France tried to realize its policy of expansion 212 years ago by invading Tsarist Russia. Napoleon’s invasion of Russia is also known as the Second Polish War or the Patriotic War of 1812 in Russia. This campaign against Tsarist Russia, led by Emperor Napoleon I of France (1804-1815) with the French Grand Army of 615,000 soldiers, was one of the deadliest failed military operations in French history.

Not only did it end in a disastrous defeat for Napoleon, but the Russian armies entered as far as Paris. Interesting scenes emerged. Some 10,000 warriors of the Christian Turkic tribe of Nogaybets in the Urals region were on the march in a large unit with shields, spears and arrows.

The people of Paris were horrified. The defeat in Moscow wiped Napoleon’s France off the stage of history.

Having been a star of the Western Bloc during the Cold War, France set its sights on Moscow’s legacy after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It should come as no surprise to anyone that today’s Franco-Russian relations are more competitive than friendly. But the Russian saying “a fly makes an elephant” and the French saying “nothing makes a mountain” is still widely used by the Russian people today.

The fact that colonial France has retained its military potential after World War II, has produced super-powerful nuclear weapons, is capable of building its own 4th generation fighter jets, and has military bases in many parts of the world forces the Russian Federation to act more carefully in its relations with France.

In an environment where France is losing power day by day, Russia’s increasing influence in Africa, pushed into isolation in the international arena by the US and the UK, seems to be leading France to hostile policies against the Kremlin administration.

At the same time, in the face of the unpredictable foreign policy actions of the US State Department under both US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Macron has not neglected to make a move closer to Russia in order to free France from the tutelage of American geopolitics.

The Ukrainian army has already conceded defeat!

The biggest armed conflict in Europe since World War II is taking place between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia’s long-term logistical and sustainability challenges include resource inefficiencies in the military and defense industry; numerous inadequate storage for fuel and food; and despite the failure of military logistics and sustainment, Russia remains very close to concluding its tactical successes in Ukraine with a lasting victory.

Within a week, the Armed Forces of Russia carried out 17 high-precision strikes against the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian defense industry. Over the course of a week, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation razed to the ground, including the Kinzhal complexes, the locations of the enterprises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the country’s military-industrial complex (DIC).

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French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine! 1

The irrational decisions of the Jewish-born Volodymyr Oleksandrovich Zelensk and his war with Russia are first and foremost a catastrophe for the Ukrainian people, with large parts of the population plunged into poverty and displacement. The potential consequences of Russia’s war to secure food supplies and energy security, both in Ukraine and globally, are being felt all over Europe. Russia’s undisputed success has put Washington’s and Brussels’ dreams of Kiev delivering a crushing blow to Moscow in the past.

Last week, the Russian military used North Korean ballistic missiles to strike Ukrainian infrastructure. Russian efforts to encircle Avdiivka have led to steady tactical gains. The Russian military’s efforts in recent weeks have been concentrated on the southeastern and eastern parts of the front line and focused on capturing unoccupied parts of Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts.

Recently, Russian forces have been making an advance along the line from Svatove to Kreminna, in addition to the encirclement attempts in Avdiivka.

Kupiansk, Svatove and Siversk stand out as important flashpoints, where positional clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces continue.

What are French legionaries doing in Syria and Ukraine?

No matter how many times the French Foreign Ministry declares that “France is helping Ukraine with the supply of military equipment and military training, in full compliance with international law, to assist Ukraine in its struggle to defend its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity”, this does not change the fact that French mercenaries are fighting in the Ukrainian army against the Russian army.

France, like the other global imperialists, the US and the UK, has been fanning the flames of the war in Ukraine.

At every opportunity, it provides logistical support to the Ukrainian army, which consists mostly of mercenaries sent by NATO countries, which has long since lost its national character.

For example, in 2022, a conference in support of Ukraine in Paris raised nearly 1 billion euros. Moreover, at every opportunity, the French authorities declare that they will continue their military, political and humanitarian support to Ukraine. As part of France’s military support to Kiev, in November 2022, they announced the delivery of three batteries of air defense systems to Ukraine, including 2 Crotales, a SAMP/T and 2 LRU multiple rocket launcher units.

Other weapons reportedly delivered by France to Ukraine include the Mistral air defense systems, as well as the MILAN, FGM-148 Javelin and Akeron MP anti-tank guided missile systems. But the situation is obvious. There is not an iota of progress.

A French intelligence officer in Syria and Ukraine; Maxime Barrat…

French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine! 2
-34-year-old French terrorist Maxime Barrat, who fought in the ranks of the Ukrainian army

France has not officially sent troops to Ukraine and therefore does not consider itself a party to the conflict, but French mercenaries have been fighting in Ukraine since 2014, not 2022. In fact, at the beginning of the conflict, 800 people from France, mostly men, volunteered to go and fight in Ukraine. They gather primarily at the Yavorovsky training ground in Lviv region, where foreign mercenaries are trained.

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Yavorivsky military base is a military training facility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located in the city of Yavoriv in western Ukraine, approximately 10 km from the Polish border and 30 km northwest of Lviv in Yavoriv district. It hosts an International Peacekeeping and Security Center within the framework of the Ukraine-NATO Partnership for Peace program and the National Military Academy Hetman Petro Sahaidatschnyj. The base covers an area of approximately 390 km.

After receiving training here, they are deployed to the fronts according to need. Those who join the international legion then sign a contract with the Ukrainian army. After officially joining the Ukrainian ranks, they receive a salary of around 500 euros a month, and up to 3,000 euros for those who fight on the front lines.

Many of the French fighters in Ukraine are buying their own equipment. One of them is Maxime Barrat, a 34-year-old fighter from Orleans in France’s Centre region.

Deployed in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, Maxime is staying in a house rented by a group of volunteers.

Barrat had previously joined the PKK/YPG in Syria!…

The French-born Maxime Barrat has traveled to Syria several times to fight since 2015.

Maxime Barrat lived in Belgium after leaving Syria and worked as a truck driver. Maxime stated that he was in contact with Belgium’s intelligence organization and was interrogated before he left and after he returned.

Maxime says that he voluntarily contacted the YPG on social media, was approved to go to Syria after strict procedures and then underwent historical, ideological and military training. He says that he returned to Europe due to the difficult conditions in the region and that many of his friends lost their lives in the region. Maxime also said that no one financed him!

Come on, asshole, tell that to my ass!

Each time he tells a different story. Like his trip to Ukraine, for example. He traveled from Marseille to Poland on a Flixbus, and when he got there he took another bus to Lviv, etc. He got in touch with the Dark Angels, a group of foreigners founded by Daniel Burke, an Englishman.

The first documented clash of this group with the Russian army took place on June 9, 2022 in the Kharkov region. It took place within a group called Dark Angels, a British NGO that supposedly provides assistance to refugees from Ukraine in Poland.

British army soldiers are also dying in Ukraine!…

French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine! 3
Daniel Burke, with whom he was traveling, somehow disappeared in the middle of the front on August 16, 2023.

He served in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment. In 2020, the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew controversial terrorism charges against him and two other men accused of helping four others travel to Syria to fight with the YPG, the Syrian branch of the PKK against Daesh/ISIS. Presumably this was a token judicial investigation.

Burke was arrested in Dover in 2019, accused of wanting to travel to Syria and helping Dan Newey leave the UK a month after Turkish forces launched an attack on Syria during the conflict there.

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He fought alongside the YPG against Daesh/ISIS in Syria in 2017 and 2018, during which time the Royal Air Force was involved in bombing Daesh/ISIS and other British special forces were secretly deployed on the ground to train YPG forces, the Syrian branch of the PKK.

On September 16, 2023, British media reported that the decomposing body of missing Daniel Burke had been found in Ukraine. His family said the 36-year-old had been found in Zaporizhia, about 44 km (27 miles) from the front line. Other Britons have recently died in Ukraine, including Samuel Newey, 22, who was killed fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in the eastern part of the country. Simon Lingard from Lancashire and former British soldier Jordan Gatley are also among the dead.

Former Scots Guardsman Jordan Chadwick, also 32, was found dead in June with his hands tied behind his back. Chadwick had served as a Scots Guardsman in the British Army from 2011 to 2015.

French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine! 4

-Maxime Barrat, wearing sunglasses, sitting in the car with the ‘Dark Angels’ gang.

Following the Russian air force’s attacks on military and logistical facilities in Ukraine, targeting energy transmission lines, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been left with only Frenchmen who have come to fight “as if on safari”; most of them are fighting in the Azov Battalion, a terrorist organization with neo-Nazi views and banned in Russia.

French intelligence is fighting against Turkey in Syria and against Russia in Ukraine! 5

On January 16, Russian forces launched a high-precision attack on a temporary deployment point in Kharkov for foreign fighters, mostly French mercenaries, killing around 60 militants and wounding more than 20.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian forces had eliminated about 6,000 foreign mercenaries fighting on the Ukrainian side.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a military garrison in the city of Kharkov, led by French mercenaries, was hit by North Korean short-range ballistic missiles with high-precision weapons.

As Ünver Sel, President of the Federation of Crimean Tatar Cultural Associations, President of the Crimean Development Foundation and President of the International Association of Friends of Crimea said: “The French mercenaries shot by Russia prove Paris’ active role in the proxy war.”

Frenchman Maxime Barrat suffered shrapnel wounds and was transferred to the frontline after the Russian attack. Maxime Barrat, thirty years old, a truck driver and reservist in the French army, had been working for French intelligence since joining the Marxist YPG militia in Syria in 2015.

Just as those who joined the PKK/YPG in Syria and fired bullets at Turkish soldiers under the pretext of fighting DAESH/ISISIS were found dead in a ditch in Ukraine, there may soon be news that this French idiot Maxime Barrat either died in a traffic accident or had a heart attack and was appointed headman of the village of Tahalı. Don’t say I didn’t warn you in advance, don’t be surprised.

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