In England, the crisis between the government and the presenter Lineker has been resolved

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BBC presenter and former footballer Gary Lineker, who was dismissed in the UK for criticizing the government’s new draft law on irregular migrants, will return to the screens after an agreement reached with the channel.

In a statement made by the BBC, it was stated that an agreement was reached with Lineker, who was dismissed for criticizing the government’s “Illegal Immigration Bill” on Twitter by comparing it to 1930s Germany, and that Lineker will continue to present the “Match of the Week” program.

“We believe now is the right time to review the BBC’s social media usage guidelines and practice,” the statement said.

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BBC Director-General Tim Davie said in a statement that an independent study will be carried out on the use of social media by non-staff presenters such as Lineker.

Davie acknowledged that there are some gray areas in the social media guidelines, but stressed that presenters like Lineker must abide by the BBC’s editorial guidelines.

“It’s not comparable to having to flee your home”

Lineker made a statement on his Twitter account about the re-agreement after his job at the BBC, where he has been on the screens for nearly 30 years, was terminated on March 10.

Thanking those who supported him, Lineker said, “After a surreal few days, I am delighted that we are moving forward on this issue. Thank you for the incredible support I have received, especially from my colleagues at BBC Sport.”

Stating that he is looking forward to returning to the Match of the Day program, Lineker said:

“As difficult as the last few days have been, nothing compares to having to flee your home to seek refuge in a country far away from persecution or war. It was heartwarming to see you empathize with their plight. We remain a country of mostly tolerant, hospitable and generous people.”

Lineker crisis

Lineker, who last week criticized the Illegal Immigration Bill announced by British Home Secretary Suella Braverman as a racist measure, was dismissed for failing to comply with the BBC’s rules on the use of social media.

The BBC, which was looking for another presenter for the Match of the Day program broadcast at the weekend, received a negative response from all the substitute presenters and offers they had made because they showed solidarity with Lineker.

Legendary footballers Ian Wright and Alan Shearar, the commentators of the program, announced that they would not appear on the program in solidarity with Lineker, while the presenters of other sports programs on the BBC and sports reporters made statements of support for Lineker.

Controversial Illegal Immigration Bill

With the new draft law announced by the British government on March 7 to prevent irregular migrants entering the country by boat or boats across the English Channel, migrants are planned to be detained as soon as they are caught.

According to the bill, detained irregular migrants will be deported to their home countries or safe third countries within 28 days without a judicial investigation.

Irregular migrants who are deported will seek legal rights and asylum after their deportation.

Those who entered the country illegally will not be granted asylum.



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