Anti-racism protest organized in Paris

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Demonstrations against racism and far-right ideas took place in the French capital Paris today after a far-right MP insulted a black African MP.
The issue of “racism” was brought to the agenda again in the country after the far-right National Union (RN) deputy Gregoire de Fournas said “let him go back to Africa” during the speech of Carlos Martens Bilongo, a black deputy from the Unbowed France (LFI) party, in the National Assembly on November 3, which led to the termination of the session.

The anti-racism and anti-discrimination association SOS Racisme, the National Union of Students of France (UNEF) and many other organizations demonstrated in Paris’ Place de la Republique against racism and far-right ideas.

We will continue our fight to ensure that the RN does not play an important role in politics”

In his speech at the demonstration, Bilongo underlined that racism constitutes a crime and that racism and xenophobia should not be tolerated.

One of the demonstrators, Anne-Laure, a graduate student, expressed her regret at the use of the phrase “back to Africa” in the parliament and said that she would continue to fight for the RN not to have an important place in politics in the future.

In the French parliament on November 3, when Bilongo drew attention to the situation of 234 migrants on board the migrant ship “Ocean Viking” operated by the non-governmental organization SOS Akdeniz and stranded in the Mediterranean Sea for days, MP Fournas’ words “let him go back to Africa” led to the end of the session.

The following day, the parliamentary session agreed to suspend Fournas’ two-month parliamentary allowance and ban him from parliament for 15 days for making the remarks.


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