Inflation in Belgium at 46-year high

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Inflation in Belgium reached 9.94 percent in August, the highest level since 1976.

The Belgian Statistical Institute (Statbel) published the country’s inflation data for August.

According to the data, inflation in Belgium, which was 9.62 percent in July, rose to 9.94 percent in August. Thus, inflation in the country reached the highest level measured since March 1976.

The last time inflation in Belgium was measured at 9.96 percent 46 years ago. In the country, core inflation rose to 5.74 percent in August.

The most significant price increases in August were in electricity, natural gas, bread, cereals, clothing, sweets, alcoholic beverages, hotel rooms, meat and personal care products.

The main reason for the rise in inflation in the country was energy. The price increase in energy reached 49.81 percent. The contribution of energy products to August inflation amounted to 4.43 percent.

In Belgium, the price of natural gas increased by 106.9 percent, electricity by 57.2 percent, heating oil by 52.6 percent, airfare by 41.1 percent, oil by 29.3 percent, diesel by 26.3 percent and seafood by 24 percent in August compared to a year ago.

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