President Biden tests positive for COVID-19 once more

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As part of a viral “rebound” that patients treated with Paxlovid occasionally experience, President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 once more on Saturday morning, according to his doctor.

President’s physician Kevin O’Connor stated in a letter that because Biden has not displayed any recurrence of symptoms, his physicians would not reopen his medical care.

Still, O’Connor predicted that Biden would withdraw once more.

Paxlovid is an at-home antiviral treatment for those who are more likely to get really ill with COVID-19. Due to his advanced age, Biden, 79, was in danger. He has received a booster shot and vaccination against the virus.

After testing positive for COVID-19 for the first time on July 21, Biden made his first public appearance on Wednesday. According to O’Connor, the president tested negative on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, which led him to stop his seclusion. He also tested negative on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Rebound COVID-19 infections, which can occur as quickly as a few days after testing negative, have been reported in some Paxlovid recipients.

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