Affordable iPad good news from Apple! All features leaked

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Affordable iPad good news from Apple! All features leaked

An affordable iPad with USB-C port could be coming this year. Here’s the latest on Apple’s entry-level iPad.

Affordable iPad good news from Apple! All features leaked

Apple is expected to refresh its product lineup, especially the iPhone, next fall. The new iPad lineup, which is thought to come alongside the iPhone 14 launch, may also include an affordable model. Recent leaks suggest that the entry-level iPad will feature a USB-C port for the first time, instead of Lightning.

What will the entry-level iPad offer? A14 chip, 5G and USB-C

To date, all iPad models except the entry-level iPad have switched to USB-C. While the tech giant has favored USB-C on the iPad Pro since 2018, the 2021 iPad mini was the last tablet to use this port. Starting in 2022, the entry-level iPad will also support a uniform port.

Another innovation at the launch, which is expected to take place around October-November, will be on the chipset side. Apple, which prefers the A13 chip in its 10.2-inch model, will go one step further and switch to the A14 Bionic chip for its affordable model.

Apple’s switch to A14 Bionic in this year’s tablet is actually not very surprising. Because budget iPads are generally powered by older Apple chips. For example, the 10.2-inch iPad with A13 will be equivalent in performance to the iPhone 11, while the new model with A14 will be equivalent to the iPhone 12.

Earlier leaks have also suggested that the entry-level iPad could have 5G support. Reports a few weeks ago almost confirmed that 5G support will also be coming.

The price of the entry-level iPad will be one of the most striking points. Recent reports suggest that the new iPad, which will be powered by the A14, will come with a price tag of around 300 dollars. Especially if an Apple model with 5G support is offered at this price, it can turn the market upside down.

In this article, we have listed all the products Apple plans to introduce next fall. Although it will be officially announced in a few months, the information that has already emerged manages to excite users.

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