Fear of TikTok: Facebook’s historic update!

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Fear of TikTok: Facebook's historic update!

Facebook will soon roll out a new update to its users. Many changes and innovations will occur here.

Fear of TikTok: Facebook's historic update!

It is rumored that Facebook is very concerned about TikTok’s recent success and therefore the platform will undergo a major restructuring. For this reason, it may bring many features or similar features on competing platforms. Here are the details…

Facebook will be restructured with a new update!
With the update to be shared by Facebook in the near future, we will see the company enter a fierce competition with all its competitors. Here, first of all, an intervention will be made in the flow section. If you see a lot of content that is irrelevant to you and you don’t like this situation, we can say that it will appeal exactly to you.

Fear of TikTok: Facebook's historic update!

Because the balance between connected content and disconnected content will be changed. However, after the new regulation, you will be able to see not only what your friends and family like and follow, but also unrelated content that may be of interest to you in general.

Another change will take place in the Facebook and Messenger apps. No longer two different systems, they will come together in a single application under the umbrella of Facebook, as they once did. It is already stated that many users have been requesting this since the first day. Moreover, it seems like an accurate decision when there is already an application like WhatsApp under the Meta roof.

Finally, the Reels side will be strengthened. According to company officials, in order for Facebook to compete with TikTok and Instagram, an arrangement must be made in this area. Of course, not everyone may like this situation. Because it will now appear in many places from the main menu to groups. But as long as it is included as a small button, it will not pose a problem.

The changes and innovations mentioned above are only a small part of what the company plans to do. Therefore, we may see some bigger and bolder moves like a new interface change.

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