Huge service from Apple Music: Free concerts are coming!

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Huge service from Apple Music: Free concerts are coming!

Apple Music, the music service developed by Apple, announced today that they want to start a live streaming concert series. The event, which they call Apple Music Live, will be released for free to Apple Music subscribers next Friday, May 20. The company made a statement about its new event. Let’s take a look at the news together.

Huge service from Apple Music: Free concerts are coming!

The Apple Music concert event kicks off with Harry Stlyes!

The concert series, which will start next Friday, will start with the performance of “One Night Only in New York” by world-famous artist Harry Styles. The concert will be streamed for free to Apple Music subscribers in 167 countries.

The company made the following statement about the concert series:

“No matter how much time and effort an artist would put into making music in the studio, it’s the stage where they actually show their work. Apple Music Live is a recurring new series designed to do just that. Give the biggest stars in music the greatest platform possible to show them how they connect with audiences and how their songs turn into live performances.”

The artist will perform the album “Harry’s House” for the first time, which will be released on the same day, at the concert that will be released on Apple Music. Apple has not revealed how often it will feature concerts at its new event and which artists it will broadcast.

Huge service from Apple Music: Free concerts are coming! 1

Apple Music’s newly launched concert series is thought to be to attract new subscribers. It is estimated that the relationship between it and its rival Spotify platform will be affected. In addition, these events will be effective for artists to promote their new albums.

What do you readers think about this? Like the new event of Apple Music and will you be attending it on Friday? You can give your opinion in the Comments section.


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