Former Head of UK Vaccine Task Force: Stop mass vaccination

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Former Head of UK Vaccine Task Force

Former Head of UK Vaccine Task Force: Stop mass vaccination

The Guardian

Former Head of the UK Vaccine Task Force, Dr Clive Dix, said that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) should be treated as an endemic virus similar to the flu, and that ministers should finish mass vaccination after booster doses of vaccines.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Dr. Dix has called for a rethinking of the UK’s coronavirus strategy, suggesting that coexisting with coronavirus is the ‘new normal’.

Dr. “We need to analyze whether to use the current booster vaccination campaign to ensure the protection of the vulnerable, if necessary. “Mass vaccination in the UK must end now,” he said.

Saying that ministers should urgently support research into COVID immunity beyond antibodies to include B cells and T cells (white blood cells), Dr. Dix continued with the following statements;

“This could help develop vaccines primarily for people at risk. We now need to manage the disease rather than prevent the virus from spreading. Therefore, stopping the progression to serious disease in vulnerable groups is the future goal.”

The number of confirmed cases in the UK reached approximately 14 million 430 thousand, and the deaths reached approximately 150 thousand.

While 82 percent of Brits over the age of 12 have received two doses, sixty percent of the country (35 million people) have received their third booster dose.


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