German harassment of the Turkish ship

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German harassment of the Turkish ship

German harassment of the Turkish ship

It referred to by the Greek commanders and administration officials in the German frigate conducted Operation Irene, Turkey from Libya carrying food and sundry items such as paint ship called the Eastern Mediterranean, stopping in a way contrary to international law.

German harassment of the Turkish ship

According to the information received, the Turkish-flagged “ROSELINA-A” ship, carrying humanitarian aid materials, took anchor from Istanbul and departed for Libya.

Last night, the ship was stopped by the German fritakeyni in the Peloponnese, in violation of international law, during the Operation Irini, under the direction of a commander from the Greek Navy.

According to the law of the sea, the consent of the flag state must be obtained for the personnel to board the ship in order to search the ships. The staff of the frigate Hamburg without such a permission from Turkey landed aboard the helicopter.

The landing of the personnel from the helicopter and the movements of the Hamburg Frigate around the ship “ROSELINA-A” were also recorded by the ship’s personnel instantly via mobile phone.

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reduces the speed of the ship and soldiers blocked the path, called by opening all the containers that comply with the warning that the direction in which the legal structures without permission from Turkey. After the search that lasted until the first light of the morning, the soldiers realized that there was nothing but humanitarian aid materials, food and paint on the ship, and then left the ship.

Initiatives will be made before international organizations
Ships, while the port of Misrata to the correct course of international organizations related to Turkey’s learned to be found in the venture.

Security sources, in their assessment of the issue, described it as “illegal behavior” for the elements of Operation Irini to board the ship without the consent of the flag state.

Stating that the ship was exposed to heavy sea conditions in the Mediterranean for hours due to the scandal, the sources emphasized that the principle of “freedom of open seas” was clearly violated due to the incident.

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Controversial operation: Irini
Operation Irini is a controversial operation initiated by the European Union (EU) in the Mediterranean to control the United Nations (UN) arms embargo on Libya.

Although consultation and permission was required with the National Consensus Government, which was a legitimate government in the UN Security Council resolution no. 2292, Operation Irini, which was initiated, attracts reactions as a biased and illegal operation.

While some European countries did not speak out to the operation in order to benefit from EU funds, some countries that were more courageous withdrew from the operation with their reactions.



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