Sada Social: Twitter has shut down many Palestinian accounts

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Sada Social: Twitter has shut down many Palestinian accounts

Twitter, çok sayıda Filistinlinin hesabını kapattı
Twitter has shut down many Palestinian accounts

Twitter has shut down many Palestinian accounts

It has been stated that the social networking site Twitter has closed the accounts of many Palestinian activists who posted a response to the Arab countries’ normalization of relations with Israel.

Iyad er-Rifai, the director of the center named “Sada Social”, which was established to defend the rights of social media users who were subjected to violations of Israel by Palestinian youth, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Twitter recently closed many accounts of Palestinian activists.

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Rifai noted that the closed accounts are the pages of people who post normalization and reaction to Israel’s annexation plan.

Rifai stated that as Sada Social, they sent a letter signed by many non-governmental organizations to Twitter management and conveyed their reactions regarding the closure of these accounts.

The Palestinian Journalists Forum noted in its statement that the accounts of Palestinian activists were closed as a result of the pressure exerted by Israel.

In the statement, it was stated that Israel asked the Twitter administration to close the accounts of 128 Palestinians who have recently posted against the normalization and annexation plan.

The Forum asked the Twitter management to give up the decision and show commitment to freedom of thought and expression.

No statement was made on the subject on Twitter.

Following Egypt (1979), Jordan (1994) and last month the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, Sudan has also normalized its relations with Israel.

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