What is Courage? Making Things Happen!

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What is Courage

What is Courage? Making Things Happen!

What is Courage

Courage is about the emotional state that makes people pretend to have no fear, and that makes sure things happen even in the worst conditions. Therefore, brave people are those who support changes in order to achieve salvation or freedom.

What makes a person brave, or what do you think is courage literally? Courage is about fearlessness, determination, and the ability to make things happen.

The science of psychology has actually been analyzing this dimension for years. The consensus reached in this context, although it sounds interesting, says that courage is as simple as doing things. So being bold means creating positive change even under difficult circumstances. In other words, not giving up in situations where others will give up.

Martin Seligman, the supporter of positive psychology, also has some observations about courage. During therapy, he states that having courage is the dimension that acts as one of the most healing components. Also, having courage means having genetic, educational and environmental roots in this sense.

Parents often instill a proactive attitude towards life to remind their children that they have to put aside fear to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, people who lack this understanding of reinforcement throughout their childhood and who grow up insecurely or have experienced traumatic experiences often lack this courage.

Therefore, Seligman sees this element as an important factor in the therapeutic process. This element, of course, should emerge after the patient has worked with a professional and has made the effort for himself and his share. So, when the person demonstrates the needed change, it will be clear that he has learned to value his own decisions and to be a determined individual. In other words, they will have all the motivation they need to transform their lives.

This will be when they decide to shape and achieve a new stage where they will feel more in control and secure. This is the kind of courage that we can appreciate in the most positive sense, and the richest in content for the good of any human being.

What is courage? Making things come true

What is Courage? Making Things Happen! 1

Some studies in the scientific literature say that courage emerges as a result of the struggle at the forefront against emotions such as fear. From a neurobiological perspective, this concept involves regulating the effect of the amygdala. This section is the brain area that deals with the most intense emotions. It’s the same thing that paralyzes your thoughts and seizes them when it takes over and takes over.

Similarly, a process like having courage also means strengthening areas such as the prefrontal cortex. In other words, we can say that we are talking about areas related to decision making, thinking, planning and attention to environmental stimuli, without being under the influence of factors such as fear or pain. In fact, most of the current research on such behavior comes from the military field (Neria, Solomon, Ginzburg, and Dekel (2000)) and stories of heroic acts of some soldiers when they were in great danger.

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Many of these young people are trained to react quickly in risky situations, and when asked they say, “I just stayed calm and did what I had to do.” What about civilians? Can anyone be a hero without military training?

Doctors Uhri Kugel and Catherine Haussman conducted a study on this topic at Oxford University. The results of this study are also very interesting. Let’s analyze this a little bit if you want!

What is Courage? Making Things Happen! 2

Although courage is often romanticized, it is actually a cognitive skill.

Courage is a concept about making things happen because you encourage change. Moreover, courage is also about focusing on a goal amid adverse circumstances. So, you don’t need to be a classic hero fighting dragons. Courage is a cognitive skill that anyone can learn and practice, according to current scientific research.

Basically it’s about firing your will to act in spite of your fears and falling into uncertainty and doubt, but moving forward and taking action. You can get a level at which you can have this by working on the following:

  • With the right anxiety management, when you can recognize the thought patterns that trap you, you can reset your mindset that prevents you from taking action.
  • Have emotional awareness. It’s a concept that’s all about knowing how to connect with your emotions to transform your emotions and use them to your advantage.
  • Remember what your values, vital goals, and personal goals are.
  • Courage is about making things happen. The reason for this is that you have developed a very special capacity to visualize the goals you will reach and be asked of if you have the courage.

What is courage? It’s a concept about doing something to have a more satisfying reality.

Franco, Blau, and Zimbardo (2011) defined courage as the ability to act pro-social despite personal risk. Today, there are also criticisms about this definition that are not outdated. This is because courage is not always geared towards saving others. Instead, courage is essentially a necessary phenomenon to save oneself.

We have already stated that Martin Seligman pointed out that you need to arouse your courage in order for the applied therapy to be effective. In other words, you have to mobilize your determination to overcome your fears, limitations, and insecurities. This way, you will be stronger and be able to achieve anything you want. In this way, you will be able to encourage changes that resonate with and satisfy you into your life.

Some say that people live for faith and hope. However, the only thing that can truly transform the realities you have is taking action. This is because courage is a mixture of feelings, thoughts, and emotions to move forward to support something positive for yourself or others. It is enough if you just keep this point in mind.


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