Rouhani: USA tries to prevent our imports of food and medicine with sanctions on Iranian banks

Rouhani: USA tries to prevent our imports of food and medicine with sanctions on Iranian banks

Rouhani: USA tries to prevent our imports of food and medicine with sanctions on Iranian banks

According to Iranian state television, President Hassan Rouhani reacted to the US administration’s sanction decision targeting Iranian banks.

“The United States is trying to prevent our imports of food and drugs to Iranian banks with sanctions. All countries see that these steps of the United States are completely against international law and decisions. Washington’s attempts under epidemic conditions are completely inhumane. Human rights defenders in the international arena should condemn this.” ” used the expressions.

Stating that the Central Bank, other banks and respected businessmen in the country have not allowed problems in food and medicine supply by using “special methods” until now, Rouhani said, “Americans will not break the resistance of the Iranian nation with obstacles to our food and medicine trade.” said.

Iranian Central Bank Governor Abdunnasır Himmeti said that the Washington administration’s claims to protect human rights are fraudulent.

Stating that the banks included in the sanction list are responsible for the transfer of funds for Iran’s food and medicine trade, Himmeti said, “Such actions by the USA will undoubtedly take place in the memory of the Iranian nation.” he spoke.

Himmeti noted that due to the sanctions, they experienced great difficulties in the supply of food and medicine in the previous months, but that the Central Bank will continue to work with the private sector to supply the food and drugs needed by the public.

USA’s decision to sanction 18 Iranian banks
The US Treasury Department announced yesterday that the Foreign Asset Control Office (OFAC) has included Iran’s 18 banks in the sanction list.

Speaking in the statement, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated that the sanctions decision reflects his commitment to stop illegal access to the US dollar.

In his statement on his Twitter account, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused the US administration, which decided to sanction, of trying to abolish the payment instruments Iran uses for food and medicine trade.

The US administration had withdrawn from the nuclear agreement signed between Iran and global powers in 2018 and started to impose unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

In this process, Washington put many banks belonging to Iran, including the Central Bank, under sanctions, and Tehran’s international trade suffered greatly. Aiming to completely remove Iran from the international financial system with the latest sanction decision, the US cut the legal ties that remained in Tehran’s hands for international trade, making the country more dependent on illegal trade.



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