Number of countries participating in WHO’s vaccination program increased to 171

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Number of countries participating in WHO’s vaccination program increased to 171

Number of countries participating in WHO's vaccination program increased to 171 1

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reported that the number of countries included in the coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccines Global Access Program (COVAX) increased to 171 with the participation of China, South Korea and Nauru.

Ghebreyesus held a meeting with WHO pandemic experts via video conferencing method at WHO’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Stating that he welcomed the announcement of the “Moderna” pharmaceutical company that it will not enforce patent rights on the COVID-19 vaccine during the outbreak, Ghebreyesus said, “We look forward to learning what this announcement means in terms of technology transfer.” said.

Ghebreyesus, who gave information about the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Program carried out in coordination with WHO, stated that China, South Korea and Nauru are also included in the program this week.

“Supply will be limited in the first place”

Ghebreyesus noted that 171 countries have participated in COVAX, which does not include the USA and Russia, and that negotiations with other countries are continuing.

Sharing the knowledge that the supply will be limited in the first place when vaccines are started to be produced, Ghebreyesus emphasized that COVAX member countries are aimed to distribute vaccines to healthcare workers, the elderly and sick people simultaneously.

“The goal of COVAX is to ensure that 2 billion doses are produced and distributed evenly by the end of 2021,” Ghebreyesus said. said.

“I regret the increase in the number of cases in Europe”

“Our best estimates tell us that about 10 percent of the global population may have contracted this virus,” he said on October 5. Mike Ryan, Director of the WHO Emergency Situations Program, who shocked the whole world with his statement, stated that he regrets the rapid increase in the number of cases in Europe.

Ryan emphasized that governments need to take more steps to prevent the spread of the virus, and people must follow basic rules such as masks, distance, hygiene and avoiding crowded environments.



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