Markets are looking for direction after ‘package cancellation’.

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Markets are looking for direction after 'package cancellation'.

Markets are looking for direction after ‘package cancellation’.

Markets are looking for direction after 'package cancellation'.

In global markets, he is shocked by US President Donald Trump canceling the new coronavirus support package that has been on the agenda for weeks.

While the US stock markets closed at a negative with this development, US futures and Asian stock markets got over the first shock and went up slightly this morning.

While the US futures premiums at 0.2 percent, the MSCI index, which follows the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges outside Japan, rose to the new peak of two weeks with an increase of around 0.2 percent, led by 0.8 percent gain in the Australian stock market. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index rose 0.7 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei index fell 0.2 percent. Chinese markets are on holiday until October 9th.

Trump cancels package, promises more comprehensive

Economic stimulus package with Democrats, Trump said on Twitter  He said he stopped negotiations until after the election. Trump promised a more comprehensive stimulus package for the post-election period. Trump’s statement caused Wall Street to fall, while safe-haven assets such as dollars and bonds rose. However, investors in Asia seem less concerned, considering the economic stimulus package could be delayed rather than ending.

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Gold returned from the bottom of the last 10 days

After gold prices hit the lowest level in a week in the first transactions, economic The re-emergence of concerns about recovery and Trump’s coronavirus lightly, due to uncertainty over the US presidential elections rose.

The ounce price of gold in the spot market is $ 1,872 in the first transactions, starting September 28

It is at $ 1,882, up 0.3 percent after hitting its lowest level since the last decade.

Oil declines with an increase in U.S. stocks

Oil prices to rally Trump’s coronavirus-devastated economy Deterioration of hopes for the fourth stimulus package and a decrease in US crude oil stocks.

it declined due to the increase above expectations. The barrel price of Brent oil fell 1.6 percent to $ 41.95; USA light raw pe


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