Who is Ken Kutaragi? Creator of PlayStation

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Who is Ken Kutaragi? Creator of PlayStation

Who is Ken Kutaragi? Creator of PlayStation 1


Who is Ken Kutaragi? Ken Kutaragi was an engineer working there when Sony rejected the PlayStation he was working on, initially calling it just a toy. PlayStation, which later made up 60 percent of Sony’s profits, enabled Kutaragi to become president of Sony Computer Entertainment and a corporate board member.

Who is Ken Kutaragi? Early Life and Education

Ken Kutaragi was born in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in a middle-class family, Kutaragi was a very good student, working in a factory where he discovered his mechanical skills. When his desire to repair combined with his curiosity about electronics, he enrolled in the Electro-Communication University in the 1970s.

Who is Ken Kutaragi? His career

Kutaragi started working in a digital research lab at Sony in the mid-1970s right after graduation. Seeing as an excellent problem solver and forward-thinking engineer at Sony, Kutaragi quickly gained a reputation in the company by successfully completing many projects he started. Aware of the interest in the field of play towards the end of the 1980s, Kutaragi agreed with Nintendo for a tiny project on behalf of Sony. This project was replaced by the idea of ​​developing a game console together afterwards.

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Ken Kutaragi / PlayStation

In 1989, Sony company started working on a project proposed by Kutaragi. The project was to develop a new generation game console product with superior sound and graphics features with Nintendo. Nintendo dominated video games at the time, and Sony was eager to take action on that. At the Consumer Electronics Show in 1991, Sony introduced the world a video game console it was working on with Nintendo. However, the day after Sony announced this, Nintendo announced that it would break its agreement with Sony by partnering with Philips.

Kutaragi was very confident in this project and convinced Sony to continue it alone. Sony even threatened to resign if Sony canceled the project. Thus, engineer Kutaragi started to work, drawing the people at the top of Sony with him. Still, not everyone at the company believed that it had to be continued. Some believed that the time and money allocated to this project was a waste and argued that Sony should not get into the game business.

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It is stated that Kutaragi said in a meeting with Sony’s board of directors: “ Will you sit back and accept what Nintendo did to us? ” So the company moved Kutaragi and nine team members to Sony Music in Tokyo. . Sony Music’s participation was a crucial step in the success of PlayStation. Because music was a big business back then, and the company could attract talent with it. Knowing how to make music discs, market and distribute it, Sony Music started using it to create games.

World Giant PlayStation

A few years later, the console named PlayStation that the company was working on became the main one and a launch was organized for it. The launch was an incredible success. 100,000 consoles produced for that day alone were sold immediately. Later, in the first 30 days of the console’s opening to the public, 200,000 more were sold. One year later, in 1995, PlayStation was introduced in the United States. With this promotion, the whole world knew about PlayStation. Within a year, there were nearly two million sales in the United States and more than seven million worldwide. By the end of 2003, the company reached 100 million sales.

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The PlayStation 2, introduced in 2000, has had similar success. Without the insistence and determination of Kutaragi, the company would not have taken such a road and would not have achieved this success. On top of all this, Ken Kutaragi became president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. BusinessWeeki, who is Ken Kutaragi? he replied with the nickname “Sony’s indispensable samurai”. PlayStation was a successful example of how the right technology comes together at the right time and price, thanks to Kutaragi.


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