Trump: Whites also die with police violence

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Trump: Whites also die with police violence…

Trump: Whites also die with police violence 1

“Whites are also dying of police violence. What a terrible question. Even more white people than blacks are dying,” said US President Donald Trump about the death of blacks in the country. gave the answer.

In an interview with CBS television, Trump made evaluations about police violence against blacks, relations with China and the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the country after the death of black George George on May 25.

Describing Floyd’s death from police violence as “terrible,” Trump said, “Why are black people still dying of police violence in this country?” The question turned out to be hard.

“Whites are also dying with police violence. What a terrible question. Even white people rather than blacks die,” said Trump. used the expression.

“They make big mistakes”

Underlining that the schools that switched to distance education due to the Kovid-19 outbreak should be reopened in the autumn period, Trump said, “The schools that hesitate to return to face-to-face education in the autumn period make a big mistake.” said.

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“Children and parents are dying of trauma. Mothers suddenly had to sit in their homes and look after their children, and they can’t work,” Trump said, keeping schools closed is more harmful than the virus. said.


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