Charles Pathe Life and Cinema

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Charles Morand Pathe

Together with his brothers, he founded the company Pathé Frères (Pathe Brothers), who made and sold gramophone and gramophone cylinders in Paris in 1896. The movie-tracking device developed by Thomas A. Edison and William Dickson was equipped with a kinetoscope as well as many short films with the camera developed by the Lumière Brothers.

Charles Morand Pathe

The topics of these films were stunning adventures, melodramatic love stories and comedies. Pathé made her first feature film in 1909, Les Misérables (Les Miserables), a four-reel version of Victor Hugo’s novel.

In the same period, he launched the first weekly news movie Pathé-Journal. This series, which was shown in various countries, especially the USA and Britain, was watched with interest until 1956. In 1914, Pathé Frères prepared the first episodes of The Perils of Pauline, one of the first and most famous series films of the screen.

The company also started to publish the movie magazine Pathé Pictorial.

With filmmaking units in France, Britain and the USA and distribution offices all over the world, Pathé Frères was an extremely profitable establishment. The earnings of some of his films ranged from 50 to 100 times the costs.

In 1917, Pathe began selling the company’s equipment, film studios, and showrooms. He stopped filmmaking in 1929 and was retired in Monaco. But the company continued its effectiveness and important position as a distributor.

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