Texas Medical Association: The biggest risk in corona, stadiums and bars

In the USA, where the COVID-19 case is still the most common in the world, scientists conducted a study on the extent to which coronavirus poses a risk of transmission.

Texas Medical Association: The biggest risk in corona, stadiums and bars

In a study conducted by members of the Texas Medical Association, many daily activities ranged from 1 to 10 (1 low risk-10 high risk), from opening incoming mail to going to camp, shopping at someone else’s home, or attending a barbecue party in the garden.

According to the research, watching the matches in the stadiums, going to the bars, gyms, theme parks or cinema and attending crowded religious ceremonies are in the most risky activity group.

Contagion was among the moderate-to-high-risk activities, attending weddings and funerals, going to a hairdresser or barber, dining in an indoor restaurant, traveling by plane, and participating in crowded sports activities such as basketball and football.

According to the results of the research, opening the incoming mail or performing a distant sports activity such as tennis are the activities at the lowest risk group. Going to camp is also in the activity group with the lowest risk in research.

Grocery shopping, walking or running with others, dining in the ‘open’ area of ​​a restaurant, staying in a hotel for two days, while being taken to the low-medium risk group of activities, going to shopping malls, working in an office building for a week, going to public swimming pools or All activities that take place in crowded environments such as going to the beach are considered to be medium risk activities with the lowest probability.

While the number of cases in the world is approaching 12 million, the number of cases in the USA is based on 3 million thresholds.


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