X’s Video-Focused TV App to Rival YouTube Officially Announced: Here Are Some Features

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X CEO Linda Yaccarino officially announced the platform’s video-focused TV app. Some of the features of the app, which will be similar to YouTube and will be available soon, were also shared.

X (Twitter), which has undergone many changes since Elon Musk took over, has started to focus on video. Recently, it was revealed that the company would launch a video-oriented application for televisions.

The expected announcement came. CEO Linda Yaccarino officially announced the future of the app on the platform. While it was stated that the application will come soon, it was shared how it will have features and how it will look.

X’s TV app will come with a design similar to YouTube and will have many useful features

According to Yaccarino’s statement, this application, which will have the name “X TV”, will be offered through smart televisions. When we look at the video shared by the CEO, we can see that it will come with a YouTube-like interface. Therefore, we can guess that it will be a rival to YouTube, which has a serious superiority on the TV side.

X’s video-focused TV app will have an algorithm that will show trending videos. In this way, users will be able to access popular videos by staying up to date. It is also stated that there will be artificial intelligence support. Accordingly, a more personalized experience will be possible by organizing videos.

X's Video-Focused TV App to Rival YouTube Officially Announced: Here Are Some Features 1

Yaccarino also says there will be cross-device support. This means you’ll be able to start watching videos on your phone and continue on your TV. You’ll also be able to stream from your mobile device to the TV screen, just like YouTube. The CEO also says that there will be an advanced video search feature that will allow you to discover videos faster. However, no information about this tool was shared.

Apart from these, users will be allowed to upload videos like a YouTuber. Although it is planned not to include advertisements when it is first released, the platform stated that they may make such a move and bring ads in the future.

That’s all we know about X’s TV for now. Although there is no exact date for when it will be released, we can learn from the CEO’s statement that it will be coming soon. Let’s also add that it will be compatible with most smart TVs


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