Huawei Mate 16’s Launch Date and Some Features of Huawei Mate 70 to Rival iPhone 16 Revealed

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Huawei Mate 16's Launch Date and Some Features of Huawei Mate 70 to Rival iPhone 16 Revealed

A claim has been made about the release date and features of Huawei‘s highly anticipated new flagship phones Mate 70 series. It is said that the phones will be introduced in the fall.

Chinese technology giant Huawei, one of the most preferred brands worldwide, comes up with ambitious phones every year. The company will bring us the Mate 70 series, which will be in the flagship segment this year.

The Mate 70 family will be the successor to last year’s Mate 60 series. There were not many details about the devices, which are expected to consist of standard and Pro models, until now. It was also unknown when they would arrive. Today, information about some features and release dates came today.

Mate 70 series with a brand new processor could be unveiled in October

According to industry rumors, Huawei will officially unveil the Mate 70 series next October. The Mate 60 was introduced in August 2023. So if the rumor first put forward by CnBeta is true, the company will release its new flagships a little later this year. It is also worth noting that the devices could be released as a competitor to the iPhone 16. iPhone 16 series will arrive in September.

The claim also includes information about the phone’s processor. According to this, we will see a completely new Kirin processor in the Mate 70 series, which has not yet been named. Last year’s phones featured the Kirin 9000s chipset. This processor was highly acclaimed and was instrumental in the Mate 60 selling more than 30 million units by January.

That’s all we know about the new Kirin processor. P70 models, which will again be flagship level devices, are expected to come with Kirin 9070. There is information that the chipset to be used in Mate 70 may be similar to this. There may only be some minor differences. It is also rumored that the new processor could be Huawei’s first silicon processor to go through the 5 nm process.

Apart from these, they are expected to have features such as 2K display, artificial intelligence features, advanced camera. We will share more information about the devices with you.


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