Liver Failure Could Be History: Lymph nodes are converted into liver

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Liver Failure Could Be History: Lymph nodes are converted into liver

LyGenesis, a company that has been developing a treatment for liver failure for more than 10 years, has begun testing it in humans for the first time. The treatment can transform lymph nodes into livers.

Scientists are constantly trying to develop treatments for diseases that can have fatal consequences. A method involving lymph nodes, which has been in the works for more than a decade, is one of them. This treatment aims to solve end-stage liver diseases. Now there has been a very important development about this treatment. The developer company LyGenesis has announced that the first human trial has officially begun.

The method developed by LyGenesis turns lymph nodes into livers. This is done by taking healthy cells from a donated liver and injecting them into the lymph nodes. The cells are filtered to remove things like infection-causing viruses and then transferred to the lymph nodes. The cells in the glands then need to grow and divide and connect to the circulatory system. Finally, the lymph node disappears, leaving a miniature organ.

Treatment aims to solve diseases by turning lymph nodes into liver

The procedure has actually been tested on animals for some time. Experiments on pigs had shown successful results. Researchers surgically altered pig livers to mimic human liver disease and transferred healthy liver samples to lymph nodes. As a result of these mini-livers added to the 6 pigs in the experiment, signs of improvement in liver failure were seen.

Now, human trials have officially begun. Dr. Michael Hufford, co-founder and CEO of the company, announced that they had dosed the first patient in a clinical trial and announced that they had broken new ground.

Up to 12 human trials will monitor the safety and efficacy of this cell therapy. All of these patients have end-stage liver disease. At this stage, the liver is beyond repair and often requires a transplant. But some patients are too sick to undergo surgery, so even that doesn’t happen.

It can also eliminate the problem of organ transplantation

Liver Failure Could Be History: Lymph nodes are being converted into liver (Human Experiments Started)

The new treatment has the potential to solve the problem of waiting for a transplant. Today, the number of people waiting for a liver transplant is quite high. In the US, for example, 10,000 people are waiting for a donation and the waiting time for donations can be up to 5 years. It is estimated that 12% of these people are likely to die each year. LyGenesis says it can treat dozens of patients with a single liver and eliminate the problem of transplants, once it receives approval from agencies such as the US Drug Administration and is successful in trials.

We have to wait a bit to see the results of the human trials. Researchers will follow the patients for 1 year. The optimal dose, safety and appropriateness of the treatment will be checked. We hope for successful results.


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