March 10 Pisces New Moon and the situation in the zodiac signs…

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March 10 Pisces New Moon and the situation in the zodiac signs...

We enter the week with the Moon in Sagittarius. Relations with foreigners and foreign travels may come to the fore.

Tuesday and Wednesday are harmonious days that we should make good use of.

The Mercury-Neptune conjunction on Friday can be confusing.

On March 10, we enter Ramadan with the New Moon in the highly spiritual sign of Pisces.

Pisces represents spirituality, compassion and altruism. We may have a slightly higher tendency to help others, to contemplate and pray…


With mental Mercury moving alongside foggy Neptune until Friday, you’d be wise to take on more creative tasks.

Fortunately, your thought processes start to get very sharp on Saturday night when Mercury moves into Aries for its annual tour of your groundbreaking first house. You’re usually good at original ideas and this talent is on the rise!

In 2024, you will host Mercury until May 15, much longer than its three-week cycle. But this is both good and bad news.

From April 1 to April 25, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign, which could lead to more blunders than usual.

As the red planet opens the dial for your bright ideas and charming personality, try to solidify all your communications before the day arrives. This may also bring you chatter.

This is a good time to share your ideas sincerely, but be careful not to appear pushy or argumentative.

Especially if you are looking for a collaborator (creative or romantic), you may have plenty to choose from!

This weekend, watch out for all credit cards on your favorite shopping sites!

On Saturday, March 9, you may feel out of control and blame it directly on the clash between impulsive Uranus in your money house and impetuous Mars, your ruler in your friendship house.

This rare collision can cause you to be a little too carefree with your money or lend it to someone with a bad payment history.

Perhaps you’ll discover a bill you’ve overlooked or face unexpected expenses.

So do what you can with your money now!

Some Aries may finally face the fact that it’s time to make a few budget-related lifestyle changes.

Just set some realistic limits and focus on keeping yourself financially fit.

Your innovative sign is an absolute genius at spotting opportunities and seizing them.


If you feel like both a butterfly and a bee this week, keep soaring, Taurus.

Whether you’re walking around, making small talk or impressing people with your big ideas, it’s time to spread your magic.

And don’t worry about that backlog on your desk.

Mercury and Neptune will synchronize in your eleventh house of communities and make a full conjunction on Friday.

All human distractions are fully confirmed by the stars; some of them could open doors of opportunities.

Start networking while you can because this Saturday night, Mercury the messenger leaves your eleventh house and settles in your twelfth house of imagination.

Normally Mercury stays in a sign for three weeks, but due to its retrograde movement from April 1 to 25, Mercury will be stuck in this sign until May 15.

Mercury can be brilliantly analytical, while in your twelfth house your deep thoughts can come in the form of song lyrics, color transitions or a poetic verse.

Don’t be surprised if brilliant ideas come from the most unexpected sources and at the most unexpected times, such as in a conversation you overhear while waiting for your food order or a billboard you pass on your way to work.

If you’re having a hard time quieting your racing mind (especially skeptical or anxious thoughts), this Mercury cycle is the perfect time to start a meditation practice or get some energy healing or maybe do some hypnotherapy or regression work.

Mercury can accelerate progress in any kind of therapy.

The moment you become vulnerable is when real healing begins.

If a project seems to be getting out of hand, put on the brakes on Saturday.

During the fierce clash between collector Mars in your professional zone and rogue Uranus in your sign, you need to clarify a few important details.

While part of you is ready to take a leadership role or possibly fly solo, you have to take into account the part of you that seeks safety.

Running the show can be great, but with it comes responsibility. Think carefully about whether you are excited by this kind of growth.

Of course you will learn as you go, but as a Taurus you prefer to do things on your own slow and steady timetable.

If you are ready to take that leap of faith, take the time, have the conversations and do the research to make sure everything is crystal clear. But don’t create reasons to linger.

No one is going to gift you with all the information or answers, so accept that you need to get some kind of training before anything else!


With Mercury (your ruler) floating next to Neptune, you may actually start to feel that people are trying to guide you to your best self.

Even if other people put obstacles in your way, ask yourself: Do you meet this challenge like a victim?

You might feel this way, especially on Friday, when the two planets are in exact conjunction.

The truth is that you have much more control over the situation that you realize.

What both insightful Mercury and fascinating Neptune can provide is a smarter strategy.

Instead of cursing obstacles, approach them with humble curiosity and see what happens.

Yes, it won’t be easy and you might have to pull a few Oscar-worthy moves out of your hat.

Find out why those around you are so insistent on keeping certain rules.

What’s their latest game?

Not only will this end your power struggle, but you may also discover that you are more harmonious than you thought.

From Saturday night, when Mercury settles in Aries and your outgoing, community-oriented eleventh house until May 15, collaborations become the sweet spot for you again.

You will be joyful for two months.

The eleventh house rules technology, making this Mercury cycle the ideal time to update your online presence and get everything in order before April 1st.

Everything from your social media posts to your ‘LinkedIn’ profile, dating bio and photos should be ready for scrutiny now.

Upload new images and feel free to talk about your latest professional achievements.

Everybody is doing it and you don’t get business by playing small and being humble.


When you focus on an end goal, you can miss opportunities for growth around you.

Fortunately, this week’s synchronization of social, intellectual Mercury and Neptune will give you a welcome distraction from your thoughts.

Before these two planets make a full connection on Friday, in Pisces and your philosophical, expansive ninth house, let your grasp on “reality” shift a bit.

As much as you hate to lose control, this is exactly what will open you up to so many new possibilities.

Set aside as many assumptions as you can and be curious.

Read, research and explore methodologies.

What are people doing all over the world?

An inspiring, cross-cultural relationship could emerge before the weekend!

On Saturday night, clever, creative Mercury enters groundbreaking Aries, igniting your career sector and clarifying your vision for success.

Keep your eye on the (professional) prize and don’t let it go until at least May 15th!

Until then, Mercury will be in Aries and will make an extra long tour in this zone thanks to the upcoming retrograde from April 1 to 25.

With this kind of charisma and charm you can effortlessly attract collaborators and investors.

Probably the biggest “task” is to strengthen your sales pitch and make it more concise and engaging, which may be the task best allocated for the April retrograde.

Before then, don’t underestimate the importance of networking, from business breakfasts to industry events to online marketing, including instant live demonstrations.

Tap your current contact list to see who might be just one or two ‘LinkedIn’ connections away from someone you’re dying to meet.

Thanks to the dazzling Aries in charge of this transit, don’t be afraid to be a little “dramatic” to get people’s attention.

The important thing is to emphasize to THEM what would be in their interest and then consolidate your place there.


Throw yourself a lifeline, Leo, before you drown in your own intensity!

As dizzy Mercury slips into Neptune’s confusing waters, your outlook on life could become as blurry as an Impressionist painting.

It doesn’t help that they meet in Pisces and in your seductive but also skeptical eighth house.

With all due respect to your raw and real emotions, this will be a week that will require you to regulate them, at least when you are in public places.

What should a Lion do behind closed doors?

After all, you NEED to feel your emotions.

Above all, surround yourself with the sanest people around you.

Use your body in every way possible: walk, dance, get a massage.

If you feel low on energy, rearrange your meals, load up on Glutathione serum, detox or schedule a medical examination.

For some Leos, this week could be full of erotic surprises.

Loosen the reins a little, but not so loose that you feel completely out of control.

This will only create more of the wrong kind of density.

Fortunately, on Saturday night, you will mentally move from “obsessed” to “liberated” mentally when Mercury enters your fire partner Aries for a long period until May 15.

You attract people and in this two-month period of open-mindedness you will adopt the motto “come as you are”.

Keep in mind that during Mercury Retrograde (April 1-25) you will need to protect your energy field, as you may run the risk of getting caught up in people’s potential rather than the reality of who they are.

With your travel home highlighted, check your calendar (and budget) and see what is realistic.

You may find a good last minute deal.

Start researching all the pieces and prepare to “book now”.

If you have to stay at home, with Mercury revitalizing your ninth house of education and adventure, you may find a virtual alternative close to home that broadens your horizons and satisfies this desire.

From webinars to local conferences and cultural programs, you can expand your world without ever leaving your home!


If, like Virgo Beyoncé, you’re feeling a little drunk in love this week, you can attribute it to the conjunction of mental Mercury and fantasy agent Neptune.

This Friday, they make their annual conjunction and the conjunction takes place in Pisces and in your seventh house of relationships.

Be careful not to go into denial at this point, Virgo; it’s not usually a threat to your sensible sign, but it’s something you’re very prone to this week.

Of course, if your boundaries are a bit rigid, soften them and you may find that your loved one is more willing to meet you.

Check your temperature: It’s very important to expect your partner to treat you with love and care, but if you’re starting to act like a “spoiled princess”, make a quick U-turn!

You may not be able to protect yourself after Saturday night when Mercury the messenger enters Aries and your eighth house.

Valid until May 15, life can get a lot more “picante” during this steamy annual transition.

During this time, your emotions can go from mild to wild in a few heartbeats, depending on who is wielding the shotgun.

Your modest sign isn’t always quick to share its desires and fantasies, but with the loose-lipped communicator planet swiftly spinning through your house of intimacy and secrets, the gloves may come off along with the rest of your outfit.

This two-month extended passage (instead of the usual three weeks) is due to an upcoming retrograde from April 1 to 25.

So make sure you have the self-confidence to handle the lust, especially during the April flashback.

The eighth house is also the center of your most intense emotions and under this influence you won’t need much to arouse your passion OR jealousy, possessiveness or other reactions.

Investigate before accusing anyone of anything.

Don’t chase unfounded rumors or allow your mind to be preoccupied with vague doubts.

During this Mercury-infused transit, your imagination will be in overdrive, but be careful not to torment yourself by filling your head with ideas that could be pure fiction.


For the last few weeks, you have been extremely productive as insightful Mercury has been walking through your organized, hardworking sixth house.

This week, however, you may find it hard to fend off distractions as messenger planet Neptune floats into your dreamy space.

This Friday, as the two planets approach their exact conjunction, pay attention to where you fall into the trap of perfectionism.

While you don’t want to undo any hard-won progress, some of your standards may have risen to an impossible level.

Your so-called rough edges can actually give people something to connect to.

So, as a general rule of thumb for the working week, keep your hands on the wheel but loosen your grip.

Whatever your situation, relationships are at the top of the list of priorities from Saturday night.


Social Mercury wings its way into bold Aries and your seventh house of dynamic duos, booking a long stay until May 15.

Suddenly your favorite activity could be “anything involving your lover”.

Keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde between April 1-25, possibly increasing love quarrels.

For many Libras, this looks like long, lingering conversations, elegant dinners, weekend getaways to see your favorite artist perform, and writing handwritten cards.

If you’re feeling like an ex-married couple, anything new and somewhat physically engaging will get your blood pumping.

The next two months will be brimming with excitement for all sorts of joint activities, so pair up to write a song or script, plan a fundraiser or whatever else your creative minds can come up with together.

Scorpio siren wails as Mercury the messenger gets closer and closer to dreamy Neptune.

On Friday, they will make a full conjunction in Pisces and your romantic fifth house, which could bring a tsunami of passion to any area of life where you have at least some excitement.

This is a good reason to put aside your cynical coolness and be honest about what (and who) you love.

You may not be in a great shape logically, but you will make up for it with magnetism seeping through your pores.

Try to be aware of who comes alive in your presence and whether the attraction is mutual.

Since the Law of Attraction is on your side, keep a clear picture of what you want to manifest, even act as if it is already happening in your life!

If you’ve been stuffing things into corners or drawers until Saturday night or letting messages pile up in your inbox or on your desktop, you can no longer ignore the chaos.

Spring cleaning will be at the forefront of your mind as Mercury wings its way into Aries, your regular sixth house.

Grab eco-friendly gloves and cleaning products and get to work.

You may not be able to tackle every corner of your home and life this weekend, but if you make a plan and follow it systematically, there is a good chance that you will be able to eliminate your top priorities in record time.

But pick up the pace and enlist the help of others.

Mercury will stay in Aries for a very long time until May 15 due to a possible chaotic retrograde from April 1 to 25.

Trying to do everything yourself or being a one-man productivity team is a very high “cost” to your sanity.

Take advantage of Mercury’s community-oriented energy and reach out to your circle of friends for suggestions.

After finding electricians and painters, you may find yourself looking for personal assistants and part-time babysitters!


This week, the concept of home can seem hectic as mobile Mercury and hazy Neptune come together in Pisces and your fourth house.

While you crave the comfort of your own bed, obligations can drive you away from home.

Whatever your GPS coordinates, you are likely to be swept up in the emotional currents around you.

As much as possible, orient yourself to people and places that you find both uplifting and stabilizing.

A warm meeting with your favorite people can remind you of what is REALLY important in life.

What should not be done?

Do not solve people’s difficult problems for them.

As your emotions are swept away by the currents, you should stay away from caffeine, sugar or anything that increases anxiety.

When your mind starts racing, pause for a quick meditation at the desk or take four long, deep breaths.

Small practices can keep you in the center!

Loud-living Sagittarius, you’re roaring back onto the scene this Saturday night as social Mercury returns to Aries and your fun, festive fifth house.

The cosmic messenger will reside here until May 15; a long stay due to the upcoming retrograde (glug) from April 1 to 25.

During this cycle, the camera loves you more than ever.

Take the chance to broadcast live on social media, record videos for ‘YouTube’ or motivate people around and on stages.

“More” is your sign’s favorite directive, but you run the risk of overextending yourself socially, or even partying a little too much this spring.

The fifth house is also your love zone.

Single Sagittarians you may start to feel cheerful for the first time; how long has it been?

Flirting can be attractive again, if you keep an open mind.

Coquettish Mercury inspires you to flirt, which alone can help you not get too serious about the process.

Be wary of exes who may try to come back during the retrograde.

If you are in a relationship?

Fun doesn’t happen by itself, so plan memorable dates over the next two months; anything from visiting an ostrich farm to doing a bedroom shoot together will work.

It is really more about your attitude than where you go.

Move forward with a sense of freshness and open-mindedness; you can’t go wrong!


When articulate Mercury connects with creative Neptune in your communicative third house, your words will be mesmerizing.

Mercury rules the intellect, while Neptune rules what comes directly from the soul.

This is enough verbal power to convince people of a big idea.

Just make sure you have enough with the vision to follow it.

Smart Mercury wings its way into Aries and your fourth house on Saturday night, making your home the most attractive destination you can think of.

As this cycle continues until May 15, your home may turn into a moving hive.

This does not mean that you have to allow an open door policy.

From April 1 to 25, Mercury will be retrograde; this is a period when you will crave for more privacy; even solitude.

Of course, privilege family and your close circle of friends.

And if there is a love affair, that goes without saying.

If you have a long list of people you want to see during this, overly social Mercury period, consider small group meetings.

Offer food or give people a choice of different meals and drinks.

When the guests finally leave, take a look around.

Does your home have the kind of peaceful atmosphere you dream of?

Find a few design ideas that you can easily and cost-effectively realize and get started.

Indulge your tidy-world instincts with efficient closet organization systems, but make sure to de-clutter first so you know exactly how much space you need to allocate.


What do you find valuable, Aquarius?

Your answer will probably surprise most people, including those who think they know you best.

But as the Zodiac’s thought leader, we would expect nothing less from you.

Since transformative Pluto entered your sign on January 20, you’ve been swimming in a sea of new thoughts and feelings.

What has been important to you for the last ten years is changing, and changing in ways you can’t quite define. (Don’t worry, you have Pluto in Aquarius for 20 years to allow your new sensibilities to emerge.)

But with careful Mercury and spiritual Neptune linking arms in Pisces during the work week and in your second house of material values, you may have some epiphanies in this regard: Like what matters most to you in 2024!

Maybe you desire more of some things and less of others.

High-minded Aquarians may be the first in the zodiac to give up their worldly possessions to attain universal consciousness…

Science has not yet developed humans to the point where they can spontaneously meet their basic needs for food and shelter.

So what is your ideal vision when it comes to feeling happy, safe and secure?

You don’t have to turn your entire existence upside down, but some simple adjustments can create a seismic shift.

Saturday, articulate Mercury moves into Aries, igniting your communication corner and with it your unique gift of gab.

From today until May 15, everything related to communication is supported, from writing to setting up a think tank.

If you’re working on a great idea for a book, documentary or podcast, this Mercury cycle will motivate you to continue with your project.

You will be a prolific producer with the mentally agile planet turning in this chart zone.

There’s only one trap!

From April 1st to April 25th Mercury will be retrograde, which can turn your flowing thoughts into chaos.

Plan ahead for these days to work quietly and carry out activities such as research, review and revision.

You can and should think like a project manager.

For example, map out a 30-day content or plot outline.

Then set up your workspace and let everything flow into you.

And whenever it makes sense, try to group your tasks so that you don’t have to switch between creating promotional graphics in ‘Canva’ and trying to finish a draft.

Pisces Sign

What a great week to be a Pisces!

Mentally agile Mercury moves through your sign and on Friday makes a full connection with mysterious Neptune, your ruler.

With your intelligence and dreamy creativity combined, you can create some serious “imagination”.

If you are ready for your brand refresh, you can finally get to the vision of how you want to shape your presence in society this year.

But don’t let the cold-blooded types rain on your parade, or try to segregate you into a pre-existing prototype.

You are not going outside the box; you are dealing with dimensions where there are no boxes.

If you are slow to explain yourself to people who are unlikely to REALLY understand you, you may lose the chance to germinate.

Protect your dream Pisces and don’t share your idea with anyone unless your intuition is screaming “Yes!”.

Do whatever it takes to fine-tune an idea you’re excited about right now, because this Saturday night, Mercury spreads its wings in Aries and sets your second house of money and security on fire!

From now until May 15, you’ll be much sharper in setting a financial strategy.

But don’t forget that Mercury will be retrograde from April 1 to 25, encouraging you to research, learn and raise your financial IQ.

Talk to knowledgeable friends about their approach.

You don’t need to parse real numbers to have a meaningful conversation.

Data-driven Mercury thrives on research and facts and can show you very easy ways to reduce expenses and work with money electronically.

Of course, if this way of talking makes you visibly uncomfortable, seek advice from qualified financial planners and set up some meetings early next week.

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