Robert De Niro slams presidential candidate Trump: An evil threat!

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Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro has made a stunning statement that Donald Trump lacks leadership qualities and is a threat to America. De Niro described Trump not only as a bad leader but also as a ‘demonic’ figure, emphasizing that he is a ‘wannabe tough guy’ who lacks ethics and morals.

Based on years of observation, the actor said that Trump has no respect for the people he leads, the people he does business with, or those who blindly follow him.


Stating that New York has known Trump for many years and knew first-hand that he was unsuitable for the leadership position, De Niro said that they tried to warn the US before the 2016 elections, but these warnings were ignored.

He said that during Trump’s presidency, America has been divided and New York has been deeply affected, criticizing Trump’s handling of the national crisis, especially during the pandemic in 2020, which put the country in even more danger.

De Niro’s speech was a serious warning against Trump’s potential re-election. The actor urged Americans to take Trump’s ‘evil’ seriously and unite to protect democracy.

He emphasized that Trump’s followers must be treated with respect and that in order to convince them, it is necessary to talk about basic values such as “right and wrong”, “humanity” and “kindness”, rather than “democracy”. De Niro expressed his belief that if enough people are convinced, the threat posed by Trump can be ended.

Robert De Niro’s passionate speech emphasizes the need for unity and understanding to overcome the division and polarization facing America. The actor reminds us that democracy cannot withstand the return of a ‘wannabe dictator’ and that only unity can overcome evil.


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