Rival Candidate’s Advisor Biden Accepts Impersonated Robocall

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On Sunday, Steve Kramer, an experienced political consultant working for a rival candidate, admitted to employing artificial intelligence to create a robocall imitating President Joe Biden.

Kramer has shown no remorse for building the deepfake, which mimics the president’s voice, in order to disrupt participation in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary. Law enforcement launched a series of investigations in response to the request, and election authorities and observers reacted negatively.

“On Sunday evening, January 20, 2 days before the New Hampshire primary, I made an automated call to the 5,000 Democrats most likely to vote. Using easy-to-use online technology, an automated version of President Joe Biden’s voice was created,” Kramer said in a statement first shared with NBC News.

Kramer said more enforcement is needed to prevent people like him from committing similar acts.

“With just a $500 investment, anyone can repeat my deliberate search,” Kramer said. “Urgent action is needed across all regulatory bodies and platforms.”

Kramer has not said whether he made the call at the direction of his then-client, Biden’s primary opponent, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.). According to Phillips’ campaign finance reports, Phillips had paid Kramer over $250,000 by the time of the robocall in January.

source: www.nbcnews.com


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