Only 4 Minutes of Sport a Week Strengthens the Brain!

Only 4 minutes a week is enough to protect your brain!

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Only 4 Minutes of Sport a Week Strengthens the Brain!

Exercising for just 25 minutes a week (about 4 minutes a day) is important for strengthening the brain and preventing cognitive decline, according to a new study. The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, examined the brains of 10,000 healthy individuals aged between 18 and 97 using MRI. The results showed that people who exercised for at least 25 minutes a week, regardless of age, had larger parts of their brains involved in thinking and memory.

Brain Volume Shrinks with Age, Sport Protects

Previous studies have shown that the brain shrinks with age. In this study, researchers led by Cyrus A. Raji from Washington Medical University examined how sport plays a role in preventing this shrinkage.

25 Minutes A Week Is Enough To Maintain Brain Health

Raji commented on the results of the study as follows: “Age-related brain shrinkage is unique to humans. After the age of 30, 2 per thousand of brain volume is lost each year. By the age of 60, this rate increases to 5 per thousand. In Alzheimer’s patients, this figure reaches 4 percent. The shrinking brain volume leads to loss of cognitive functions. Considering that we have no medication to prevent this, the results of this study are very important. It is surprising that the threshold for physical activity to benefit brain health is so low. Current public health recommendations suggest 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. The results of our study are encouraging. Because it offers an easier threshold to achieve for many people, and this could still benefit brain health.”

Experts The Effect of Sport on Brain Health is Up for Debate

Juan Domingo Gispert, a neurologist at the Barcelona Center for Brain Research, said the research was plausible, but that such studies could be open to more than one interpretation. “It is important to remember that sport can affect brain health in the early stages of the disease, but in the case of Alzheimer’s, the first symptoms can appear 20 years after the onset of the disease,” Gispert said.

As a result, even just 4 minutes of exercise a week can be an important step towards strengthening the brain and preventing cognitive decline. This research once again emphasizes the importance of sport for brain health.


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