Will Egypt sell Alexandria to Turkey?

Egypt's Sale of Alexandria to Turkey: A Historical, Cultural and Economic Step

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Will Egypt sell Alexandria to Turkey?

While Egypt is going through a difficult period due to the currency crisis, it took an important step last week to ease its financial burden. The Ras El-Hekma region, located about 350 kilometers northwest of the country’s capital Cairo, was sold to the United Arab Emirates for $22 billion. The sale is seen as a strategic move in Egypt’s efforts to cope with its current economic difficulties.

On the other hand, Turkey has been seeking a strategic hub for its transport and supply chain with Africa for years. In this context, the sale of Alexandria, a city of great historical and cultural value, to Turkey stands out as a remarkable question mark: “Can Egypt sell Alexandria, a city of great importance, to Turkey?”

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great and has been home to many civilizations throughout history. Especially during the Ottoman Empire, a strong cultural and historical bond was established with the Turkish population living in the city. Therefore, Alexandria’s deep historical and cultural ties with Turkey suggest that such a sale or lease could be facilitated.

The lease or sale of Alexandria to Turkey not only has the potential to strengthen the historical and cultural ties between the two countries, but could also offer economic advantages in many ways. In particular, the lease of Alexandria to Turkey could create a new trade and logistics hub between the two countries, acting as a gateway to the African continent. This could create new business and trade opportunities not only for Turkey and Egypt, but also for other countries in the African continent.

Alexandria’s strategic location, as a major trade and transportation hub on the Mediterranean, has great potential for logistics and supply chain management. Combining Turkey’s experience and infrastructure in this area with Alexandria’s location could bring a significant economic boost to the region. In addition to finding a solution to Egypt’s economic woes, this cooperation could also be a strategic step for Turkey’s commercial expansion into Africa.

Moreover, such cooperation through Alexandria could positively affect diplomatic relations between both countries. Throughout history, Egypt and Turkey have both established close relations and experienced tensions for various reasons. The use of Alexandria as a kind of “cultural and economic bridge” could contribute to the strengthening of relations by opening a new area of cooperation between the two countries.

As a result, an Egyptian lease or sale of Alexandria to Turkey could not only offer an economic outlet, but also reinforce cultural and historical ties. This potential cooperation could contribute significantly to revitalizing regional trade, creating new jobs and further strengthening relations between the two countries. However, such an important decision requires not only economic considerations, but also deep diplomatic negotiations and a careful examination of the common interests of the two countries.

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