Parisians march for Gaza despite the rain

Pro-Palestinians gathered in Paris' famous Place de la Republique.

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Despite the rain, demonstrators marched to Millet Square demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to racism and xenophobia.

Carrying Palestinian flags and banners reading “No to Israel’s Fascist Model”, the protesters chanted “The children of Gaza, the children of Palestine, humanity is being killed”, “We should kick out those who rule us, not Muslims or immigrants”.

Laura, a member of the French Community Stop Arming Israel, who did not want to give her last name, said that she was fighting for an end to the complicity of French arms companies in arming Israel.

Laura said that France exports 15-20 million euros worth of weapons to Israel every year, and that weapons, as well as spare parts and components, are sent from Paris to Tel Aviv.

“The (French) state is also complicit because it allows all these companies to make these partnerships,” Laura said, noting that there is serious cooperation between French and Israeli arms companies.

“If there was an embargo on weapons, the genocide would end”

Laura stated that if Western countries, especially the US, stopped selling weapons to Israel, there would be no ammunition left in the hands of the Tel Aviv administration to bomb Gaza within 3 days, and said, “If there is an embargo on weapons, genocide would end.”

“Boycott is very important”

Demonstrator Salma Soltan said that she was here to show her support for Palestine and added, “We are trying to make our voices heard to the authorities so that they see the problem.”

Soltan said that donations can be made to charities to help Palestinians with food aid, even if it is not enough. “The boycott is very important because we have seen that with the boycott, the income of many companies has dropped significantly,” Soltan said.


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