Dailymail: First Lady Jill Biden Voices Concern Over President Biden’s Press Conference Blunders

First Lady Jill Biden's frustration with White House aides peaks as President Biden's press conference blunders spark concerns over his cognitive abilities and leadership

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First Lady Jill Biden Expresses Frustration Over President Biden’s Press Conference Gaffes

Following a recent press conference held by President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden expressed frustration with White House aides for allowing the president to continue speaking despite making several factual errors. During the lengthy conference, President Biden mistakenly referred to a visit to an AstraZeneca factory, misstated the amount of money sent to Ukraine, and provided inaccurate figures regarding the number of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Why didn’t anyone stop that?” the first lady demanded during a gathering with the president and his aides after the press conference. She questioned the absence of intervention from the staff, including then-White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki, to conclude the event.

Aides had attempted to signal the president to end the press conference by passing him a notecard, but President Biden continued speaking, prompting criticism for not addressing questions from White House reporters.

Reports of the first lady’s dissatisfaction with the staff surfaced in October 2022, highlighting her role as a caretaker for the president and her protective stance regarding his schedule and engagements.

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Additionally, the first lady is known for reminding Democrats of her husband’s achievements, travel schedule, and victory over Donald Trump, particularly when concerns about the president’s age arise.

In her memoir, ‘Where the Light Enters,’ First Lady Jill Biden elaborated on her role as the “holder of the grudges,” emphasizing her commitment to confronting perceived injustices against her loved ones.

Meanwhile, President Biden faced further scrutiny after a subsequent press conference where he mistakenly referred to the President of Egypt as the president of Mexico, among other gaffes. The incident occurred amid revelations from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which criticized the president’s handling of classified documents and highlighted instances of memory lapses.

Despite attempts to downplay the mix-up with world leaders, the incident added to concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities, particularly in light of ongoing controversies surrounding his presidency.


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