YouTube TV Introduces Enhanced 1080p Video Quality Option for Subscribers

YouTube TV Introduces Enhanced 1080p Video Quality Option

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YouTube TV users are in for a treat as Google unveils a new feature aimed at enhancing their viewing experience. Dubbed “1080p Enhanced,” this setting promises higher-quality video streaming, catering to subscribers’ preferences whether they’re binge-watching favorite shows or catching live sports events.

The 1080p Enhanced setting, an upgrade from the existing 1080p60 resolution, boasts an improved bitrate, ensuring crisper and smoother video playback. Google’s confirmation of this update came following a Reddit post where a user highlighted the feature. According to Google’s response, the 1080p Enhanced setting represents the platform’s highest video quality offering.

Feedback from Reddit users who already have access to the 1080p Enhanced option indicates that it’s available across a wide range of channels, including popular ones like Paramount and Syfy. This enhancement follows in the footsteps of YouTube Premium, which elevated video quality for subscribers on the original platform.

For YouTube TV and Primetime Channels subscribers equipped with updated 4K-compatible streaming devices, accessing the 1080p Enhanced option should be a breeze through video quality settings. However, Google has identified a bug that prevents users from manually selecting the 1080p Enhanced setting. Despite this glitch, the company assures users that picture quality remains unaffected and that efforts are underway to address the issue promptly.

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