The Game of Stars in 2024: Astrological Changes Determining Destiny and Expected Developments

2024: A year to shape our destiny with a quadruple dance of the stars

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The year 2024 began on a stage of astrological balances, opening the doors to a year full of changes signaled by the stars

What about the year 2024?

Astrologers have interesting ideas about 2024. Allegedly, we are in a year full of karma and trials. So we will feel it at every step.

In the year 2024, the sum of all numbers is 8.

Eight explores us and creates tension.

The Year of the Dragon forces us to maintain balance, to be honest with ourselves and others and to act “according to the law”.

What will happen in our lives in the coming year is already predetermined, we will get what we deserve according to the law of karma.

There is no limitation period on our actions, so it is very important to do the right thing now or learn from mistakes made in the past.

It is a good year to put things in order.

It is a good time to bring clarity and certainty to the area of personal relationships.

Remember that the trends of the year are determined by the slow planets. The highest of these are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the social ones are Jupiter and Saturn.

It will be reflected by the connection of the planets.

This year the focus will be more on the intellectual field (ICT technologies, progress and artificial intelligence, space and research).

Pluto will transit Aquarius from January 21 to September 2, 2024 and will return to Capricorn for the last time in this cycle for almost three months, from September 2 to November 19.

This is an extremely important period, Pluto will not say goodbye to Capricorn and the issues it is responsible for (law, structure and order) for a long time, it will completely destroy what it failed to break in previous periods.

During this period, the concept of the state and the role of power may change completely, and the power regimes may change in many states.

From May 26 to June 10, Jupiter will be weakening in Gemini.

In the first half of the year Taurus will give a chance to solve material problems and increase prosperity.

For some, this is an opportunity to change values and approaches to work. There will be a desire for growth and expansion.

On April 17-18, an extremely rare and unique event will take place – the conjunction of Uranus, Jupiter and the White Moon in Taurus, the brightest moment of positive development (the last time this happened was in 1016).

The movement in the global economy will begin, and the situation on the planet as a whole promises us the support of a guardian angel, the victory of good over evil.

The unique combination mentioned will affect the whole month of May.

If you were born between April 23 and June 24, Jupiter will connect to your Sun this year, which will give you pleasant bonuses, advances and even the most daring plans.

Solar and lunar eclipses

Eclipses always bring irreversible changes to the matters of the signs they are in.

The eclipses of 2024 will take place on the Aries-Libra axis.

This will play a very important role in aspects such as relationships, partnership, cooperation, compromises and agreements, finding balance between work, sports, struggle, competition, etc.

In 2024 we expect 4 eclipses in spring and fall.

Eclipses are karmic due to the proximity of the nodes to the eclipse point, bringing significant changes.

Those who have to leave will fall under the influence of force majeure, what is yours will remain and become your destiny.

After the first eclipse on March 25, it’s time to take action, to take responsibility, to be brave at all costs.

On April 8, there will be a total solar eclipse in Aries, the effects of which will last for several years.

The eclipse in Aries always provides momentum and paves the way for new beginnings, emphasizing the importance of personal initiative and independence.

It will be easier to take an important decision and start a new path.

The third eclipse corridor will open in the fall. It will begin on September 18 with a partial lunar eclipse in Pisces on the North Node and will end on October 2 with an annular solar eclipse in Libra.

The first eclipse of the fall season will remind us of the importance of being rational and consistent in our choices and staying away from illusions.

This eclipse is good for reviewing your routine, breaking bad habits and creating new, beneficial habits that will help you achieve your current goals.

The second major eclipse, on October 2, will be an annular solar eclipse at the South Node.

As it will be in Libra, there will be a partnership theme.

There is a risk of deterioration in relationships close to this eclipse, especially relationships.

There will be three periods of Mercury retrograde in 2024

– April 1 – April 25;

– August 5 – August 28;

– November 26 – December 15

Be careful in all areas where Mercury is responsible during these periods.

You should carefully check the documents sent for review (financial reports, tests, scientific papers, manuscripts) because the likelihood of errors and the possibility of the document being returned increases.

Double-check contracts before signing them or, better still, postpone important agreements for another time.

There is a possibility of important documents being lost, correspondence being made and documents being mixed up.

There may be delays in payments and interruptions in negotiations.

Postpone long-distance trips if possible or plan them more carefully; obstacles and vehicle breakdowns may occur.

Remember that Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and Mars retrogrades every two years.

Mars will be retrograde in Leo and Cancer from December 7, 2024 to February 24, 2025.

In the first month of retrograde, Mars will be in Leo.

Mars enters Cancer on January 6.

In this sign, the planet is in the so-called “fall”, that is, far from where Mars wants to be.

Postpone beauty injections and other serious surgical interventions during this period (if the surgery is urgent and cannot be delayed, choose a trusted clinic and experienced specialists).

According to your plan, you should not start a new long-term business project with an impeccable reputation.

It is not recommended to engage in prolonged competitive fights, sports competitions or major military battles.

It is dangerous to buy equipment, cars, production equipment, household appliances, tools, etc. to start construction and repair.

One of the main manifestations of retrograde Mars’ influence is strong internal tension and irritability.

This can lead to conflict, stress and misunderstandings.

There may be obstacles, disagreements and disputes in communication and interaction with other people.

Conflicts that have been simmering for a long time or that everyone has forgotten and subsided are flaring up.

Mars will remember them.

It may not only be global world stories, but also personal life.

In short, archive what you don’t want to carry in 2024 and don’t look back.

It can also be human relationships.

Remove people you don’t like from your life, cut ties.

Pay your debts or ask for your money from those who owe you money.

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