Apple TV+’s hit series is finally coming back!

When will Severance season 2 air? Apple TV+'s beloved sci-fi series ends a two-year wait.

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Apple TV+'s hit series is finally coming back!

Apple TV+’s beloved sci-fi series Severance is returning after a two-year hiatus. Producer Ben Stiller gave the good news for the series, which reached huge audiences despite only airing for one season. When will Severance season 2 air?

When will Severance season 2 air?

According to a post by Ben Stiller, filming for the second season of the sci-fi series has begun. Filming, which was halted last year due to strikes in Hollywood, accelerated with the entry of 2024.

Stiller said in a statement that the cast, led by Severance lead Adam Scott, is back on set. “We are thrilled to finally resume production on Severance season 2 after more than eight months of delays,” the producer said.

According to Ben Stiller, the mystery created in the first season will only increase. More excitement awaits the employees of Lumon Industries in the fictional world of the series. “Our team is working hard to explore new depths of the mysterious world we created in season 1,” he said.

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For those who haven’t seen it before, Severance is about employees at Lumon Industries who go through a procedure called “severance pay” that separates their work/personal memories. The critically acclaimed first season was nominated for 14 Emmys.

Apple TV+'s hit series is finally coming back!

The resumption of filming for the second season is also good news for those waiting for the events of the first season to be resolved. Season 2 is scheduled to air on Apple TV+ in late 2024.

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